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Apocalypse or the end of the world as we know it…?


2016 – Are we really on the cusp of a New World?

Announcing A Human Design for Everyone Program
with Karen Parker...
The Solar Plexus Mutation and the New World


Human Design is a powerful course of study.  It has practical and simple applications that can make your life easier, more joyful and abundant.

But Human Design is deeply rooted in esoteric sciences and can reveal to us the mechanics of our spirit and the nature of evolution on every level.

The Human Design chart is an energetic “map”, the archetype for the possibility of mankind.  As we continue to grow and evolve, the Human Design chart gives us a sneak peek at what is coming in the evolution of humanity.

We have an important role as we stand on the leading edge of evolution to make powerful choices that facilitate the evolution of mankind.  As we change and grow, it is up to us to re-define key human concepts like community, family and sustainability. 

Education and knowledge are the keys that will support us in building the foundation of a New World.

We are standing on the cusp of a breath-taking shift in the evolution of mankind. 

Everything is changing.

  • The way we eat.
  • The way we love.
  • The way we raise families.
  • The way we make money.
  • The way we know God.
  • The way we build communities.
  • Our relationship with the natural world.
  • Our consciousness and creativity.
  • The way we learn.
  • The way we know….and so much more….

We are co-creators of the New World, midwives of possibility, stewards for the future…

The New World, a world of sustainable peace and resources, rooted in Abundance of Spirit…is here and ours for the creating. 

This isn’t just a “woo-woo” dream.  There is evidence of shift everywhere and it is up to us to create the structural framework, the “matrix”, within which this New World can evolve.  We are already playing our part as parents, partners, creators and students.

Are you ready for a different kind of Human Design experience that will equip you with concrete 3-D knowledge to help you assume your role as co-creator of a New World?

Please join me for this 4-part pre-recorded teleclass, The Solar Plexus Mutation and 2016.  Over the next four weeks you will receive one pre-recorded lesson per week that will initiate you into thinking about the world in a brand-new and exciting way!  At the end of next week, I will announce a brand-new way for you to come into community (LIVE!) with fellow Human Design fans, have fun, make new friends and engage in some powerful consciousness shifting activities that will help unify us and heal the world...  (Here's a hint... New Orleans, August 2-8....  Meditation, intuition training, Healing by Human Design, mutation, community, love, respect and honor, fun, heal the world....  Summer Camp for grownups!)

Oh - and I'll be offering TWO live open Q&A session for the Solar Plexus Mutation program.  Bring your chart.  I'll do spontaneous readings and help you get insights into what's up in your chart.  

Date:  May 4, 2015 at 9:00 am and 7:30 pm Central

During this class we will discuss and review current topics and trends in society, identify challenges in the evolving Human Design chart and look at how these shifts and changes in the archetype for humanity are facilitating the evolution of a New World.

We will be discussing how consciousness evolution is the key to unlocking core changes in the chart and how these changes will impact every aspect of being human.

You'll learn how these changes are already impacting:

1.       Education
2.       Health and wellness
3.       Food and the food industry
4.       Marriage and the shifting definition of family and gender roles
5.       The economy
6.       The environment
7.       Religion

We will also discuss the mechanics of evolution in the Human Design chart and how the energetic changes in the chart will change the nature of what it means to be Human.

This class is a self-paced video program.  You will need to have access to a computer to see the slide shows presented during each class. 

In addition, you will be watching relevant videos and lectures concerning current topics and trends in society. 

Register for The Solar Plexus Mutation and 2012 by midnight, April 3 and take advantage of the Early Bird Registration price of $47.00.  (Regular tuition is $127.00)

    Click Here to Register

This class is for anyone who loves Human Design.  No formal training or knowledge necessary.  Come with an open mind, an open heart and lots of joyful anticipation for the future!

I hope you’ll join me!



P.S.  I promise...it's going to be a good New World, a FUN New World, a LOVING New World....!