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Sandy Freschi


Sandy Freschi 
3/5 Projector
Level 4Certified
Hello my name is Sandy Freschi. I am a 3/5 Projector in Human Design which means that I’m here to manage, guide and direct others.  I interpret that to mean that I am here guide others to the meaningful and authentic lives they were born to live, by showing them who they really are and giving them tools to live their truth successfully.
I was first introduced to my personal Human Design chart in 2009 after the life I had built for 17 years disintegrated.  My coach at the time introduced me to my Human Design type and strategy and helped me develop new approaches to old stressful situations.  This, quite frankly, saved me years of trial & error and floundering.  When I started my coaching practice in 2012 I was quickly lead back to Human Design.  I recognized the immense value that I received from knowing and practicing my strategy, and knew I had to use it to help others. 
The most valuable thing that Human Design has done for me is to help me eliminate the struggle which once controlled my life.  Just by learning how to be myself and to take actions in ways which make the most of my energy and gifts, I’ve managed to create a lifestyle full of truly supportive relationships and situations.  This is the simple gift I want to give to you through Human Design; the ability to create a life which is free of struggle and filled with the situations and relationships which bring you meaning and fulfillment. 
So if you are tired of the struggle and are ready to live the life you were born to live, consider working with me.  Not only will you learn about your personal Human Design, but you can also get ongoing coaching support to assist you through the rough spots, and to save you years of trial & error. 
My website is www.coachingwithsandy.com.  On it you will find many opportunities for us to get better acquainted.  I look forward to interacting with you there, and serving you in any way that I can.

Projectors are invited to check out http://www.humandesignprojector.com