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Robin Winn
6/2 Generator
Level 4 Specialist




Robin Winn, MFT


Human Design--a path of liberation.


When we know who we are, we are able to skillfully use the energies and the template bestowed at birth for transformation and actualization. 


When we know our human design, we are able to walk in the world unabashedly, embracing our gifts and having compassion for our foibles. 


When we know one another's human design, we step into a new world of understanding and possibility--judgements turn to tenderness; envy becomes awe. We open to supporting each other's strengths--for the evolutionary benefit of all beings.


Human Design is a rare gift we've been given as individuals, and as a planet.


After working for 20 years as a psychotherapist I was introduced to human design.  Initially I experienced it as very esoteric and hard to comprehend.  I did discover that I was a generator and my partner was a projector--the beginning of untangling a story we had running--my belief that she was lazy, her belief that I was a workaholic!


Seven years later I was introduced to Karen Curry's book:  Understanding Human Design.  Karen's clear and simple approach allowed me to receive the information, and the  whole system began downloading in me. As I continued my studies with Karen, I found new ground stand on.


I am a visionary alchemist, mentor, guide, transformational coach, Diamond Logos and qigong teacher, as well as a human design consultant.

To name a few...

I see beyond what is apparent at first blush, and support people to connect with their essential beingness--the unseen world--that they might better navigate in the known world.


Learning that my open G allowed me the whole world of possible identities, helped me to understand my proclivity for studying, and become proficient at, so many different things--something that at one time was embarrassing.  I was never one to dig one well.  Now I have a large tool box available to meet what's arising for people.


Introducing Human Design to clients I'd worked with for years, brought incredible insight to people's struggles.  I now use Human Design as a foundation in all areas of my work.  My passion is to help individuals, couples, families, students, teachers, business partners and business groups understand who they are, how they function, how best to connect to their inner guidance, and how best to relate to one another.  Being embodied on this planet is one of the highest spiritual tasks and opportunities.  Human Design is a huge support in that effort.


We are all in this together.

Let's use the tools available to make the shift!


I live on Maui, and offer human design readings and follow up consulting sessions utilizing your unique  human design. I give in person sessions on Maui and in Fairfax, CA, as well as sessions by phone anywhere in the world, with a downloadable recording of the session. For families, businesses and schools,  I am available to fly to your location.  Inspired by Karen Curry Parker, I'm currently working on a book about human design.