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Life Cycle Analysis
Understanding Power Points in Life Cycles

Advanced Human Design Specialist Training...


It has been said that the only consistent thing in life is change...
And while change is part of daily life, there are certain predictable, life-changing Power Points of Transition in the human experience.
In between Birth and Death, there is evolution, growth, maturity and the quest for wisdom.
In Human Design, there are very important life cycle readings done at these Power Points of Transition, including a Saturn Return Reading (done around the ages of 28-30), Uranus Opposition Reading (done around the age of 40) and a Chiron Return Reading (done around the age of 50) that help you and your clients understand crucial themes facing you during major life changes. These reading can really help your clients take stock of where they are on their life path and what they may need to do to align themselves more with their authentic self.
Of course, as in traditional astrology, it is also possible to determine the annual “themes” of a chart using a Solar Return chart.
Calculating Life Cycle Return charts is just like calculating a natal chart, but conducting  a Life Cycle Analysis is very different from reading a natal chart.
Life Cycle charts are not about what a person “becomes”.  Natal charts stay the same no matter how old you are.  The Life Cycle chart illuminates growth themes for each cycle and to give a good Life Cycle reading you have to not only know how to give a strong natal reading, but you also have to be able to tie the natal chart analysis into the the emerging Life Cycle themes.
Life Cycle Analysis Readings are a completely different set of skills from any other kind of Human Design reading. 
It has taken me over six years to create a brand-new way to teach Life Cycle Analysis that is practical, grounded, easy to understand and truly beneficial for your clients.  If you are a Human Design Specialist, you and your practice will grow with your ability to add this offering to your clients.
During this three month training you will discover:
  • How to find important Life Power Points of Transition Dates and calculate the correct chart
  • How to read a Solar Return chart and use it as a powerful tool to help your clients make the best of each year (and have something to offer your clients each year to support them in their Human Design experience.)
  • Other resources to supplement your readings
  • The crucial tasks of each Power Point Transition Date and how they influence a reading
  • How to identify Growth Points in the natal chart and relate them to the Life Cycle chart
  • How to read a Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition and Chiron Return chart
  • The “high” and “low” potentials of each life cycle and how to support your client in getting the most out of life
  • And more…
Each class will meet for 90 minutes and will be recorded.  Class will meet for approximately three months (or until we feel good and done with the material...!) Class begins Friday June 22, 2012 at 11:30AM.
Tuition for this program is $397.00.  If you register before midnight, Monday, April 30, 2012 you will receive the Early Bird Tuition of $297.00 ($100.00 savings!)
About Your Teacher
Karen Curry has been a student and lover of Human Design for over 10 years.  She studied personally with the founder of the Human Design System, Ra Uru Hu in Sedona, Arizona. 
Karen is the founder of the Human Design for Everyone™ training system and has been teaching Human Design to students all over the world for the last seven years.
Karen is a single mother of five children and is passionate about sharing the power of Human Design with her students and clients.  She is the author of six books including the soon-to-be-published, The Instruction Manual for Your Life (Human Design Guidebook)
and Parenting By Human Design;
Raising Resilient Children in a Rapidly Changing World
This is an important and powerful time to support and help people understand their own magnificence and their authentic self.
I hope you'll join me!