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Free Chart Instructions


To receive your personal Human Design chart, please enter your email address in the box below.  Then check your email inbox for your instructions about your free chart. You should receive a confirmation email first.


You must click the confirmation link and then you will receive the second email with instructions for how to submit your birth data for your chart. This double opt-in feature is required on our mailing list and helps prevent spam.


Please allow a day or two for us to run your chart. Data must be entered by hand and sometimes we receive a lot of chart requests in a day. Your chart will look something like the one below when you receive it. You will also receive links to free audios and pdf documents to help you understand the basics of the chart.






If you do not receive a welcome email immediately, owing to spam filters or whatever else, you can try a couple of things.

First make sure you entered your email correctly. We find many misspelled emails in our list. 

Second, make sure your spam filter allows emails from us. Currently our assistant Kat is doing most of the charts and her email is understandinghumandesign@gmail.com

Third, try another email address if you have one handy.

Fourth, make sure your inbox is not full. It happens sometimes with Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo addresses.

Fifth, email Kat at understandinghumandesign@gmail.com to let her know you are not receiving the confirmation email and we will send you the instructions from a different email address and hopefully that will get past your spam filter.


Have Fun with it!