De-Conditioning by Design


Are You Doing Everything “Right” and It’s Still Not Working?

What if you’re not broken? 

And nothing about you needs to be fixed?  

What if all you need is just a little bit more information about the unique way you operate and learn a new way to interpret the world and the energy around you…

Introducing a brand-new
Entry-Level Human Design Course…
De-Conditioning By Design
(Or, 9 steps to letting go and creating a life that’s
“just right” for YOU!)

If you’re like many of my clients, you are conscious, enlightened and open to learning new things.  You’ve probably studied with many teachers, read tons of books and even taken classes and workshops about how to create a really great life.

You’ve affirmed, made vision boards, done lots of journaling…maybe you’ve even hired a coach or a therapist to try to figure out why, even though you’re doing everything “by the book”, you’re still not getting the results you hoped for.

It’s not that you’re not seeing some improvements.  You are. 

But, somehow inside you know that there is some piece you’re missing.  You’re getting close but you can sense that you are still looking for that final breakthrough that will set you free to live a life that is fulfilling, abundant and radically authentic.

You’re ready to let go of everything that you think is holding you back and step powerfully into a life that is so exciting that you can’t wait to leap out of bed each morning…

A life that is rich with fulfilling and deep relationships that lift you up and quench your soul…

Work that is deeply aligned with your heart…

Physical wellness that makes you enjoy moving and grooving in your body…

The Perfect Life For You.

You’re about to wake up to the amazing possibilities that are out here for you. 

In order to understand why you get stuck in your creative process and sometimes feel broken, you have to start with learning some new vocabulary words and integrating some basic beliefs that will help you unravel the mystery of why you might be doing everything right and still not getting the results you’re hoping for. 

The first vocabulary word you’re going to learn is “De-Conditioning.” In traditional Human Design, it is taught that once you see your Human Design chart, you begin a seven-year process of un-doing all the beliefs and actions in your life that aren’t really true to who you really are. This process is called De-Conditioning. (It takes seven years because that’s the length of time necessary to replace all of the cells in your body, with a few exceptions.) 

But De-Conditioning isn’t just this magic process where you look at a piece of paper and ((poof)) seven years later, you’re deeply aligned with your authentic self and living an abundant life. It’s a conscious process that involves awareness, study and some time to recognize patterns. 

De-Conditioning is the process of mastering your unique energy blueprint and learning how to choose your response to life rather than reacting to the energies that are constantly bombarding you. When you understand who you are, your unique strategy for processing energy and how to use that energy to make decisions and get what you want out of life, you become De-Conditioned. (Not to mention happy and abundant….) 

(For a more in-depth description of the De-Conditioning Process, please click here.  This is a sneak peek excerpt from my new book, The Instruction Manual for Your Life…)

If you’re ready to discover how you can live a life that is abundant and happy and get to the root of the roots of your old patterns and habits…


You’re ready to live with a deeper awareness of you gifts, strengths and life purpose and assume your very important place in the world in a delicious and fulfilling way…

I invite you to join me for this new 9-week teleclass, De-Conditioning by Design.

During this teleclass you will learn:

  • How to finally unravel the mysteries of your habits, patterns and old thoughts that feel like their keeping you stuck
  • How to identify and work with your unique emotional themes
  • How to stop judging yourself (and everyone else…)
  • How to use EFT and other powerful transformation processes to accelerate your De-Conditioning process
  • Your unique decision-making strategy and how to use it to create the money, the love, the health and relationships you’re seeking
  • How to feel lovable, powerful, valuable, capable, courageous, decisive and wise
  • How to leverage your unique energy blueprint using your Human Design chart and learn how to never be burned-out again
  • And more…

Your Teacher:

Karen Curry has been a student and lover of Human Design for over 10 years.  She studied personally with the founder of the Human Design System, Ra Uru Hu in Sedona, Arizona. 

Karen is the founder of the Human Design for Everyone™ training system and has been teaching Human Design to students all over the world for the last seven years.

Karen is a single mother of five children and is passionate about sharing the power of Human Design with her students and clients.  She is the author of six books including the soon-to-be-published, The Instruction Manual for Your Life (Human Design Guidebook)

and Parenting By Human Design;

EFT for Parents;


“I am so excited to be sharing this new information with you, whether you are new to Human Design or an experienced teacher.  This class is the culmination of my work as a Life Coach, Human Design Teacher, EFT Practitioner and nurse.  I am soooo looking forward to watching you work with these new tools and discover a whole new depth of love and appreciation for yourself!!”

Class Information

When:  Class starts on Wednesday, May 30 at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central/6pm Pacific and meets for one hour.  All calls will be recorded and available as either a webcast or teleclass.

Cost:  Tuition is $147.00.

In addition, all registrants will receive the following Free Bonuses:

  • Tapping By Design, 8-hour pre-recorded teleclass
  • EFT for Parents e-book
  • EFT for Everyone e-book
  • Abundance by Design 10-hour pre-recorded teleclass
  • Level One Human Design Homestudy Program (If you have already purchased the Level One Training, you will receive a $97.00 discount on the Level 2 Training.) PLUS all the Level One Free Bonuses
  • Your Free Human Design chart
  • Human Design for Everyone e-book

(That’s over $1,000.00 worth of Free Bonuses!)

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Think about this…

When an elephant is first trained in the circus, its leg is chained and the chain is staked into the ground, limiting the elephant’s ability to move about freely. Over time, the elephant gets used to being chained and stops pulling and resisting the chain. When this happens, the elephant’s handlers stop staking the chain and the elephant no longer tries to escape, even though it could easily move about freely. 

The energies of our conditioning are kind of like the chain that binds the elephant. Without awareness, we think our actions are hopelessly limited and we are stuck in perceived bondage to the energies of others. 

When you begin De-Conditioning your life you learn a new way to interpret the energy you take in and amplify, you begin to realize that the metaphorical chain around your leg, isn’t real and you can truly be free to be yourself in every way. 


There is nothing keeping you from expressing your unique magnificence and perfect abundance except old energy patterns.

I hope you’ll join me!!