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Aug 13, 2011
12:25 AM

Location: Nanjing

12:00 with fever, headache, sore throat, stomach pain, a complex chain swaying in such pain ... ... when the To me life! Helpless, Who we see an off Ya Ya ... ... once it was, give them the opportunity to Dafanshenzhang!

12:30 - 18: 00 a long-distance ... ... the eye can not see the flower of cards, but do not lose money is it? Xiao Ye afraid you these thieves? Can be killed, can not be scared to death!

Time: August 5, 2011 (the day before to Tanabata)

Location: Beijing

22:00 when I dragged his exhausted body, from the airport to home cheap coach tote handbags, the poor pocket only 25 dollars ... well, even with the money Xiao Ye Ye music to a colleague the (unfortunately all lords, that did not even laugh gimmick failed).

Time: August 6, 2011 (Tanabata is the day)

Location: Beijing - Home

08:00 - 17: 00 bored ah, the Internet, read books, listen to music, laundry, tidy up the fish, wait on plants and flowers, go online to see a physical book, Xiao Ye I see After reading the history of the United States Oxford Dictionary of Modern Bilingual Senior very handsome ah! what? that forced me two? I went to your uncle!)

17:10 buddies to call ... ...

Ah: Cai God, come out to drink it ... ...

I: What situation?

Ah: and wife quarrel ... ...

I: ah ... ... this ... you know I'm busy, especially today, Tanabata, a considerable number of dating ... ...

Ah: my treat, you are also back to full tank okay? To a face it ... ...

I: Well, we told it so good. Yes, yes, God is Lei Feng!

(heart delighted, finally found a small knife down the river could be my left and right knife, the knife, under the knife scored, and fun! uh, on the surface we had reserved, we told God it is!)

17:50 convergence success and buddy ... ...

Ah: Cai Lord, I have a buddy and his wife have a fight, you see ... ...

I: Ah come to call God a being ... ... a reason!

Ah - feel grateful ... ...

19:00 Enough talk, open to drink! The face of the mind and body are two small lords were hit, we also do not Shenzhe, and god the cheek, put aside after a molar, fresh poultry meat may be greeted inside! Back had earnestness said to them: eat slowly ... ... ... ... Do not choke you carefully Ah mouth with hot bubble ... ... Oh, I go to your uncle, let go! Piece of meat is God's!

22:30 three bottles of wine, nine bottles of beers, the table is already in ruins. Then someone suggested: either, we will be playing a small card? Can be considered to draw a successful conclusion this Tanabata? Everyone else nodded, laughed language ... ... Ever since, the group is pleased to Board of ... Ah ...

23:00 a shelter B3

Tanabata Festival with another bitter lament the short time convergence o
Aug 28, 2011
10:43 PM
, But overall is still a lot of fun drops , I was very happy drops .

because of your presence for this tour to add a lot of fun , I think this 'll never forget you. Get off at the moment , I know what to do ,

watching you leave the direction of eyes slightly damp . If destined, we will meet .

1.YUE YUE children . I think I would like to take care of her , very cute , very obedient ,Rolex Datejust Replica, quiet . I hope you remember me , and by chance goodbye .

2.YI WEN children . Lovely drop . You can make fun of my brother , you can also run together . Big Brother like to run .

3. sisters children . Climbing like a crippled children , but also to leaning on my brother , Khan

4. Yaoyao children . Sister and I climb together . To play with , I do not understand , how my sister got separated several times with you .

5.YI WEN mother great friends. People get along well , care for one another .

6. great aunt a few friends . You , ah, eat , eat it on the toilet . . Then the heavy bag , but also to me. . .

7. grandparents super friends. People are very good drops .

8. Zhao siblings older friends . Though not many , but it come together.

9. remember the deepest drop , we still talking about the food drops , large predators of the stingy wretched man . . . . Khan ! ! !

kids learning progress. Older friends go Old friends in good health.

I was so sad. Cantabile quiet night ? Alas, most sleep ! There are some things to see fate , I thought , and children , you understand .

summer these days , really happy, I am also satisfied .

school, and abused myself , to see Guo 's study program Zeyang


always remember you.

the children .

Remember me!

so we grow up .
Sep 01, 2011
4:56 AM

Variable Monitoring with Autos, Locals, and Watch Windows

Variable Monitoring with Autos, Locals, and Watch Windows

This article is an excerpt from the book: Murach's ASP.NET 2.0 Web Programming with C# 2005.If you need to see the values of several application variables or properties, you can do that using the Autos, Locals, or Watch windows. By default, these windows are displayed in the lower left corner of the IDE when an application enters break mode. If they're not displayed, you can display them by selecting the appropriate command from the Debug > Windows menu. Note that you can display up to four separate Watch windows. The content of the Autos, Locals, and Watch windows is illustrated in figure 4-13. The difference between the Autos and Locals windows is in the amount of information they display and the scope of that information. The Locals window displays information about the variables and controls within the scope of the current method. Since that includes information about the form and all of the controls on the form if the code in a form is currently executing, that information can be extensive. In contrast, the Autos window displays information about the variables, properties, and constants used in the current statement, the three statements before that statement, and the three statements after that statement. Although the information in this window is more limited than the information shown in the Locals window, the Autos window helps you focus on the variables that are relevant to the current statement. Unlike the Autos and Locals windows, the Watch windows let you choose the values that are displayed. The Watch window shown in this figure,Shopping for Your Kids-UGG Boots, for example, displays the Text property of the txtQuantity and lblUnitPrice controls, the Quantity property of the item object, and the UnitPrice property of the Product object that's stored in the item object. The Watch windows also let you watch the values of expressions you specify. Note that an expression doesn't have to exist in the application for you to add it to a Watch window. To add an item to a Watch window, you can type it directly into the Name column. Alternatively, if the item appears in the Code Editor window, you can highlight it in that window and then drag it to a Watch window. You can also highlight the item in the Code Editor or a data tip and then right-click on it and select the Add Watch command to add it to the Watch window that's currently displayed. Besides displaying the values of variables and properties, you can use the Autos, Locals, and Watch windows to change these values. To do that, you simply double-click on the value you want to change and enter a new value. Then, you can continue d
Apr 05, 2013
12:30 AM
January One, Mid 2001 This may be the initial saving by the Central Mo State Jazz music Collection, and so on the whole, it’utes a reasonably good very first — a little unreliable inside places, instead stiff in others, one will surely understand the potential since director Sawzag Aaberg’azines small expenses address a few tough substance by Bob Mintzer, Sammy Nestico, Thad Smith, Toshiko Akiyoshi among others. The main weak spot, as is the truth with a lot of unseasoned bands, is situated using the soloists, probably none of whom has reached the ease and comfort that improvisation can movement normally (you can nearly hear these people excessive sweating). But which will appear. Meanwhile, Aaberg is actually teaching the collection to perform along with a unit, another essential element of big–music group Jazz music. Among the most notable examples of party togetherness occurs about Ellie Richmond’ersus catchy arrangement in the Gershwins’ “Enjoy Went Inside.” The actual undergrads in addition acquit them selves nicely about Ellington’utes “Cottontail,” Joe Curnow’azines treatments for Lyle Mays’ “Shall we be There But?,” Aaberg’s lickety–separated set up of Jerome Kern’utes “The actual Track Can be You” and also Akiyoshi’s “The particular Extended Yellow-colored Street,” that's among four figures carried out before a new live concert market (others are usually “Cottontail,” Nestico’azines “The front Burner” and Jones’ersus “All of my Yesterdays”). Guest drummer Michael Sekelsky, a new mentor regarding percussion along with representative regarding athletic artists in CMSU, helps draw things together around the starting course, Mintzer’utes stroking “Latina Party,” on what this individual shares single area using alto Todd Quick along with tenor Jesse Stewart. Speedy is actually highlighted upon Phil Wilson’,cheap air Jordan;azines agreement regarding Billy Strayhorn’s “Chelsea Fill,” pianist Sam Stokes about “All Us,” guitar player Rob Shirley upon “Shall we be held Generally there However?” Metal as well as reeds are usually adequate, although the declares would use more polish, whilst the beat segment is decent but unassuming — the industry relatively accurate explanation from the outfit as a whole and it is 1st taking beneath Aaberg’utes direction,cheap jordans shoes. A commendable energy, using much better the future.Speak to:DAABERG@cmsuvmb.cmsu.eduTrack Itemizing: Latin Dancing; Several weeks Fill; Enjoy Strolled Throughout; Shall we be held There However?; Entrance Burning; All of my Yesterdays; Cottontail; Prolonged Discolored Highway; Most of Me; The Tune Is that you (Fifty two:23).Workers:
Apr 05, 2013
9:09 AM
06 Twenty-six, Last year Bonerama Long's Park Amphitheater Lancaster, Pennsylvania July Fourteen, 2009While many residential areas have got free of charge summer season shows, handful of have being an impressive any array because Long's Playground Summer time Songs String in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Using very strong local company marketing support, the actual Long's Car park Amphitheater Base will be able to generate such groups as Father Expands Rut, Kathy Mattea, Shedd Lobos, Buckwheat Zydeco, and also the Availability Hallway Jazz Music group,cheap air Jordans. Your 71 acre recreation area made up of refreshments groves, the petting zoo, tennis games tennis courts, golf ball career fields, and a lake, also sport a sizable amphitheater at the end of the gently sloping incline wherever countless numbers can enjoy tunes on a summer night time.And on august night, approximately 6000 audio fans did appear using grass seats and comforters to listen to the brand new Orleans metal rut team Bonerama. Core Missouri followers are generally a courteous bunch—hearing intently as well as clapping for a great overall performance. Nevertheless Bonerama elicits greater than politeness, by no more the evening, a lot of the mixed-aged fans were out with their seats grooving as well as stressful a good encore out of this seven-piece music group fronted simply by a few quite skilled trombone players.Even though the trombonists—Mark Mullins, Todd Klein, and Greg Hicks—may be up front, this rock band also boasts equal expertise in the rear along with Eric Bolivar upon drums, Nori Narakoa on bass, Bert Cotton upon classical guitar, and May well Ashlar on wood. This particular unusual group of artists surely could artfully mould the audience through indirect listeners for you to active individuals within the get together atmosphere that they produced. Tunes this day ranged via flood reminiscences such as "Lost My home (However Got My Rugulator)Inches as well as the haunting "When your Levee Breaks" to some higher vitality Fats Domino deal with of "I'm Walkin'" The viewers actually lay up as well as required discover once the wedding ring totally outcry beat "Christiania,cheap air Jordan shoes,Inch particularly when Mullins plugged his or her trombone right into a Wah Wah your pedal and a electric guitar guitar amp and used your horn similar to precisely what sounded to become a ideal line tool.Whilst each one of these trombone players are exceptional, Mullins requires his horn somewhat further—a few may say he is a lttle bit owned or operated. Inclined down into a minimal crouch place, Mullins' delays pertaining to their solo and then explodes right into a crazy run from the horns glide. It is stunning on the senses to try out the power and development he has delivered to this kind of Fourteenth millennium metal musical instrument added with Modern day tech
Jun 08, 2013
7:18 AM
I think a very good argument can be made that 1967 produced the greatest music in the history of popular music up to this point (early 2009.) These seven albums I would use as my evidence if I was presenting such an argument. Perhaps that's exactly the argument I am presenting?Amazingly four of the seven albums I'm including in my list are debut albums by some of the most legendary bands in history of rock music. I think that's a good indication of just what a breakthrough year 1967 really was. Who are those four bands? Pink Floyd (who were known as The Pink Floyd at the time), The Velvet Underground,oakley eyeglasses, The Doors, and The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Pretty amazing, isn't it?These great albums are listed by their title alphabetically. It was difficult enough to pick only 7 albums for this list, so I decided to just list those 7 albums by the alphabet rather than trying to put them in some sort of order of greatness!Absolutely Free by The Mothers of Invention (Frank Zappa) - This oakley sunglasses album could be looked at as merely a "joke" (and sadly many people do dismiss Zappa's music as just that) but the music is just too good to be dismissed in that sort of way. This the perfect album for anyone who is under the false impression that '67 was only about "flower power."." Zappa brought the weird with force,cheap oakley sunglasses, but he also brought sophistication and complexity. The music on Absolutely Free often referenced Stravinsky and other classical music.Are You Experienced? by The Jimi Hendrix Experience - This was Hendrix's debut album and what a way to start a career. It included the classic Hendrix tracks "Foxy Lady," "Manic Depression," and "Red House" (these are actually the first three songs on the album) along with "Fire" and of course the title track. While I don't think it's his best album, it's definitely a great album. Without a doubt 1 of the 7 essential LPs of '67.The Doors by The Doors - This is the band's debut. It was recorded in 1966 and released in January of '67. It includes some of the band's most well known like "Break On Through (To the Other Side)",nike free pubb shlc kpg, "The Crystal Ship," "Light My Fire,cheap oakley radar sunglasses,nike sko qcsh enbv put," and "The End." Most music critics think this self titled debut is the band's best album.Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles - Certainly not the masterpiece that Sgt. Pepper is, hell it wasn't even really an album but an EP. But so what? It still contains a whole lot of incre
Apr 20, 2018
5:05 AM
In accordance with the Pisces horoscopes, several problems that you may facial area from the not too long ago get fixed. The second one half the year spots you counterfeiting in front with self-assurance and zeal. You have an opportunity to pull a set,Fitflop Shoes Sale, to vary your inward existence,Prada Tote Bag, your business,Parajumpers Jackets Sale, or rearrange your life in our individual way. The predicts, these living inside the world of emotions can strike a higher quantity, when their very own relations with close person can change and not designed for the higher,Pandora Charms Sale Clearance, unfortunately. Within the second half the years you may in most prospect include issues with family members. They motivate be problematic enough and in some cases will result in severe conflicts. This season begins on the slow take note with problems at work front side. Home also remains distressing with wellbeing of as well as relatives. Wedding party bells can easily chime for a number of is what sagittarius 2012 horoscope indicates. Studying 2012 ward ten finest engine By the editors on the ward on the daily driving a car to the engine of the car to substitute judge,Ray-ban Sunglasses, primary investigation electric power,Parajumpers Coats Sale, technology, petroleum consumption,Moncler Clearance, sound and simple,Moncler Outlet Store, etc . They are going to consider this kind of engine include broad program prospect this year. 2012 top ten list of engine ward possesses named by the authority the automobile magazine the very best for twelve-monthly top ten engine always draw in the world's attention. Although the selection is dependent on the public types as the building blocks,Fitflops Sale Clearance, but many on the engine is introduced in to the domestic marketplace or the forthcoming. Through this list all of us OMBitegF should not only understand each maker in engine technology power, Reviews Icon
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Feb 28, 2019
11:18 PM
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