Vera Novak
2/4 Manifesting Generator
Level 3 Specialist


Vera empowers clients to create new agreements about health, abundance and sexuality in their lives and restoring themselves to self-love and empowerment.

She is a leading expert in the mind-body-soul communication through the innate body intelligence via an advanced form of muscle testing (Kinesiology) called META-Kinetics - a combination of META-Health (study of a disease process) Cyber Kinetics (developed by Alan Sales) to test what is true for the body and provide release of the stress in the body and reimprinting the body with new energy and information that supports better health, relationships and abundance.

Human Design is a very powerful tool for energy and information transformations. When the client understands what is consciously and unconsciously influencing them and see a picture of it, any transformational work becomes much easier.


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