Thea E. Linscombe
5/1 Manifestor
Level 2 Certified


I am a 5/1 Emotional Manifestor. I am working toward becoming a Level 4 Certified Human Design Analyst.  I am currently certified through Level 2. In addition, I am a Certified Reiki Master, a single mother to an incredible 10 year old boy, Andrew, and for the moment I am working as a Special Education teacher within the public school system.

What ignites my passion for Human Design? When you learn your design, you are handed the keys to unlock your potential and FINALLY discover your authentic self.  And Living as your authentic self is LOVING yourself. Period. You discover your strengths and gifts. You become empowered by understanding how to move about in the world in a manner that will remove resistance and alleviate frustration. You gain a better understanding of yourself and how to relate to the other….that is all amazing and fascinating to me.

BUT, that isn’t my favorite part about Human Design. What I truly love about Human Design is that you also discover that all those little things you “thought” were flaws and imperfections that needed to be “fixed”… those things you viewed as faults are not any of those things. There is nothing “wrong” with you. Everything is part of your design and your design is PERFECT! There are no mistakes in any design.  Human Design will enable you to fall in love with yourself…ALL OF YOURSELF…and I do not think anything is more important in this life than LOVING YOURSELF! You do that and you can do ANYTHING!





Phone: 337.303.3277