Suzanne Carrier
Level 4 Specialist

1/3 Projector


Did you wake up this morning thinking, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, something in my life needs to change!

Maybe I can help.  Hi, I’m Suzanne Carrier, I carry the energy of a Projector and I invite you to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. 

The majority of my clients are women who want to be in a relationship where they can be accepted for who they are.  However, most of my clients have gone from Parent Pleasing to People Pleasing and eventually Self-forgetting, and for many of my clients this was ingrained at birth. 

In April of 2015, I presented at the Human Design Conference on how pre-verbal trauma impacts your Human Design Chart.  Our experiences in utero, how we are born and how we are welcomed into the world may still be having an impact on your life.  If you are struggling with issues around self-acceptance, feeling invisible and like you don’t belong here, I invite you to contact me.

Together, we will be looking at your Human Design chart, and you will have an understanding of how “your” energy works.  You will step into a paradigm of self-acceptance and you will be aware of the potential that your life has to offer.   I invite you to experience your life from a place of abundance where you will bring joy into your relationships.

When we do a session together, the focus is to make sure your energy is directed in a way that you are able to experience YOUR BEST LIFE, free of any birth issues.  Our time together includes looking at your Human Design chart, and also clearing the energy behind your re-occurring life challenges.

I developed the Simply Innergetics Process, which is a synthesis of specific energy healing modalities that Transform Your Life Story.  Your unique session is created for your particular needs so that you get optimum results.  I tap into your energy and from there the session is directed to WHAT YOU NEED AT THE TIME OF THE CALL!  By resolving your past issues, you can easily move forward and express Your True Nature. 

I am a Level 4 Human Design Specialist, have also studied Life Cycle Analysis, Relationships by Design, Abundance by Design and Family Coaching.



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