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Sandra Lee
3/5 Manifestor
Level 4 Certified





Are You Ready to Experience More Ease, Peace, and Abundance?


And Less Judgment, Resistance, and Struggle?




Do You Feel Like You Don’t Measure Up to the Expectations...


Of Yourself?  Of Your Parents?  Of Society?


Are You Seeking More Ease, Joy, Love, and Empowerment


In Your Relationships?  In Your Career?


Let’s Explore Your Human Design!



The way you make decisions can lead you down a life path strewn with experiences of abundance, love, and satisfaction... or towards a rut filled with struggle, resistance, pain, and frustration. How you live your Design can also powerfully impact your physical body and health.


You are so fortunate to be exploring your Human Design.  This can powerfully shape the way that you experience and create your life.


Look at yourself through the lens of Human Design to better understand the unique aspects of how you are Designed to Live and Thrive.  Human Design provides a blueprint for your most fulfilled, satisfying, and joy-filled life.


Living consistent with how you are designed impacts Everything!


I am Sandra Lee, a 3/5 Manifestor.  I used to be sceptical about the validity of planetary positions as an influence on life.  Then I met my Human Design chart, and was amazed to see how precisely it describes my life journey.  As I do readings for other people, I continue to be astounded by its accuracy.  I have grown to deeply trust in the ‘truth’ of what Human Design tells each of us about who we are.


For 20+ years, I have been a practitioner of healing modalities, including bodywork, energy work, and emotional/spiritual healing.  (Craniosacral, SOMA Neuromuscular Integration, Reiki, The Healing Codes, The Emotion Code/The Body Code). As a 3 Profile Experimenter, I continually learn.  (I started with a Bachelor of Science in chemistry.  Is what I’m doing now science and chemistry?  I suppose, though not quite what my professors were expecting.  Quantum physics is part of Human Design.  Does this mean I’m a practicing scientist?)


As a 5 Profile Universalizer, I am always sharing information with clients and friends.  I also give presentations about healing modalities and about food (including genetically modified foods, MSG & Aspartame, Soy, Vitamin D, and Fats & Cholesterol.)  My Defined Head/Ajna database brain thrives on learning and information.  And when I have information that suits your needs, I’m liable to share it with you.


As a Manifestor, I am forever initiating and creating.  Much of how I do bodywork and energy work I just started doing.


Physical Health


When doing bodywork, I find emotional issues stored within the physical tissues.  Releasing these blocks facilitates physical healing.  Here’s how I describe it.  “People’s bodies talk to me.”  Though I don’t consider myself medically intuitive, I do receive relevant information for people’s health and/or circumstances.


Physical health is very directly affected by whether or not you are living consistent with your truth!


In a few sentences, here is my explanation of how this happens.

•    When you live inconsistent with your truth, life can bring you tremendous difficulties.  If things aren’t going the way you want them to, you are dissatisfied with the results.

•    In response to these challenges, it is natural to develop tension and holding in your physical body, (e.g. neck, shoulder, and back tension).  This is part of your body’s fight-or-flight response that keeps you alive in dangerous situations.

•    Tension builds up in your body over time.  Anything you do consistently accumulates.  Your body gets blocked up, like a beaver dam in a stream.

•    This leads to imbalance, pain, dis-ease.

Does this make sense?


It is possible to release a lifetime’s worth of physical holding.  The first step is understanding your blueprint, your Human Design Chart.


Live By Design for Health, Happiness and Fulfillment


As I share Human Design, I see people become empowered and at peace with who they are.  When you learn how you are designed to make decisions, life gets simpler!  When you see where your strengths are, you can build upon them.


Our culture has great expectations of us, both overt and implied.   Be nice, and don’t make waves.  Go to school and memorize all kinds of stuff that just doesn’t seem important to you.  Figure it out.  Work a 9-5 job.  Just do it.  If you aren’t creating riches, then you must be doing something wrong.


When you get a Human Design reading, you will see that many of society’s expectations just don’t fit for you.  What a relief that is!


Human Design helps you understand both your strengths and your challenges.  It shows the potential for what you can accomplish.  It helps you understand the strategy for decision making and taking action that is consistent with how you are designed.  If you have been struggling, you will learn how to stop resisting the actuality of who you are.


My Offerings for You


Basic Human Design Readings help you understand the fundamental influences and themes in your life, including how you are designed to make decisions, and about your gifts and challenges.


Life Purpose Readings.  Why am I here?  Look more deeply at your gifts and the themes of your life to reveal deep truths about your purpose.  You may see ways in which you are living out your contribution every day.  These readings can be compelling, empowering you to strengthen the expression of your gifts.


Life Cycle Readings help you understand themes and issues that come up as you travel through life’s significant age milestones.


Relationship Readings help you understand what attracts you to people, and how you can increase the experience of love and fulfillment in relationships.  These readings can be tremendously helpful with spouses, parents, children, co-workers, and friends.


Family Readings.  When you understand the charts of your family members, the dynamics of the events and challenges of family life makes so much more sense!  Parents find it particularly helpful to understand the designs of their children.  This enables you to best nurture their development into happy, capable, successful people.


In Family Coaching, the exploration goes beyond interpreting Human Design charts.  When you look at your own childhood through a new lens, you realize how it influenced your experience of life.  You will acquire new approaches for raising your own children – according to their individual Human Designs.  Here’s to raising loving, empowered children!


This family coaching information hit me like a rock.  Everything that happened to me as a child, and all of how I have felt about myself, suddenly became clear.  This understanding now impacts how I approach being a parent.


Parenting Workshops are available. Deeply explore what is possible for your family.  How can you most empower your children to be happy, loving, and empowered citizens of the world?


I also combine Human Design with therapeutic practices focusing on the physical body.  For people who are able to work with me in person for bodywork and energy therapies, the transformation can be astonishing.  It is possible to release a lifetime’s worth of the physical holding resulting from not being able to live your truth.  If you are unable to travel to my office locations, energetic healing modalities can assist you in clearing what has been held.  For more information about these possibilities, please contact me.



Those are my offerings.  Are you ready to welcome happiness, joy, fulfillment and peace into your experience?  It’s time to explore your Human Design.


I do Human Design readings in person, by telephone, and on Skype.  You will receive an MP3 recording.


I live in British Columbia, Canada, and frequently visit Olympia, Washington.


If you would like a free Human Design chart, please send me the following information by e-mail.  Name, birth date, birth time, birth location.  Of course, all information remains confidential.


It is a pleasure serving you.  I look forward to meeting you.




With Love,




Sandra Lee


Tel: (250) 490-4685