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Paul Kellerman
4/6 Generator
Level 2 Certified


It’s so easy… Just follow your Dreams or Follow your heart! How simple…Right? Well isn’t it?

Or how about, “Let go and Let God” or “God has a wonderful plan for your life”.  That helps, yes?

Maybe you’re like me and have been struggling with the question, “what am I here for” or better yet, “What am I gonna do when I grow up”. We spend so much of our lives trying to answer questions and less time living and leading a purposeful life.

Any of this feel or sound familiar? If so, let’s talk, let’s pull back the veil and look at how incredibly unique YOU are.

Human Design is not a religion but rather an energetic blueprint for your soul. In it you might find answers to some of your questions, but maybe, like me, you might find better questions to ask yourself and a clearer picture of not only who you are but who you are not!

There is no end goal or place of arrival with Human Design (or life), rather an interactive system and process that you engage with, struggle with and partner with, sometimes alone, sometimes with others and often with God/Source/Tao  etc..

I lived the first 50 years of my life in a pretty fundamental religious system that served me well, as my home life was less than nurturing, and religion provided a structure to lean on when nothing else was there. My journey in the past decade has included exploration into medical, physical, emotional and energetic paths that didn’t fit so well with my long held limiting beliefs, yet were literally saving my life and allowing me to feel my soul and essence.

I’ve learned a few modalities like Reiki, BioEnergy, EFT and have integrated meditation and the teachings in a direct relationship with my energy/intimacy coach which incorporated The Chinese 5 Elements, Eden Energy Techniques, Emotion Code, Theta Healing, Ecstatic Dance to name a few.

I’m on a journey.. always was, always will be. My greatest joy and actually, MY Human Design, is to teach what I’ve learned through struggling with life. Engaging and wrestling with it. (Click here to listen to Karen’s expression of my life purpose)

I am here to share this journey, my journey and yours, my struggles and yours if that’s what you choose. To start a conversation with me and to begin your journey with Human Design I invite you to contact me. Call me at 541-285-0254. Let’s talk and see where we go.

Grace and Peace and a dash of Struggle...


(541) 285-0254

Certified HD Specialist, Certified Reiki Practitioner

Located in Junction City, Oregon


“Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing, right-doing there is a field.  I’ll meet You there”