Newton Bunce

Are you often frustrated by the sense that you still don’t know who you are or where you are going?
Are you continuously disappointed by attempts to get ahead ...that actually set you back?
Do you find yourself giving others the authority for making decisions in your life?
Are you your own worst critic, beating your self-esteem up and putting yourself down?
Are you often exhausted for no apparent reason and you wonder why?
Would you like to know yourself better in a way that celebrates individuality, helps you interact in and with the world more effectively, AND provides insight into what you are here for??


This is Newton Bunce and these are the questions Newton was asking not very long ago. Thanks to Human Design he got answers. What’s most important thought is that they were NOT someone else’s. Newton was able to find HIS OWN answers to those questions – and a great deal more – through a deeper understanding of his Human Design. Human Design introduced him to a Self he had literally never known before, but had always desired to find. This new insight has literally turned his life around. Now – no longer living according to someone else’s ideas of “how to live his life” – Newton is RE-discovering himself and the means for realizing more of his potential. Rather than following the advice and opinions of the world on how to “succeed,” he is pursuing his own path to fulfillment and honoring his own inner authority.
A Level 4 Certified Human Design Specialist doing Human Design assessments, Newton is able to provide information and insights that will likewise enable YOU to discover who YOU are for perhaps the first time! Through Human Design, he will help you understand just how amazing YOU are and introduce you to:
  • YOUR unique energetic Type and a specific strategy for making more effective decisions.
  • YOUR fundamental energies and how they stimulate your interests, talents, and unique abilities.
  • YOUR core challenges and how to resolve them constructively over time into true wisdom.
  • YOUR challenging behavioral patterns, likes and dislikes, and how you draw & interact with others.
Yet most importantly, through Human Design Newton can help you clearly understand WHO YOU ARE NOT – and why you may be living that “Not-ness” – as well as the practical means for REdiscovering your TRUE Self and the unique Life you are meant to be living.
To get to know Newton better, click here for a brief personal greeting:
Specializing in embracing the fullness of LIFE in the grandest sense of that word, Newton can also assist you in integrating the immense quantity of information and new perspectives Human Design provides in very practical ways. For 30 plus years Newton has worked as a wholistic health therapist, offering a variety of therapeutic skills and training. From the perspective of wholism, health and healing does NOT require “rocket science,” but is more a matter of consistently honoring and supporting YOUR inherent nature and biology. Through Whole Health Coaching he can help you overcome old, self-defeating habits, answer health & nutritional questions, reach health oriented goals, and integrate the insights you gain from Human Design into a new, healthier Lifestyle. 
Newton is also an ALL denominational Minister with an open heart /mind and deep philosophical perspectives on Spirituality and the the Mystery of Being. He is a firm believer that Spirituality is far more practical than commonly suspected. Completely in harmony with YOUR individuality and Human Design, Newton also offers Practical Spiritual Counseling to help you better integrate the abundance of new insights and find clarity when “all else fails.” 
Newton does Human Design readings Monday through Friday by appointment and is open to working with you wherever you are in the world. To help you manage the wealth of information you will gain from Human Design, he breaks your reading into two one and a half hour conversations, usually a week apart. This gives you time to process the first session and bring any questions that arise to the second. Upon contacting him, Newton can send you YOUR free Human Design chart – if you don’t already have it – and will send you his information pack. This includes specific information on YOUR type, an overview to help you understand the chart symbols, and a list of definitions covering various other dynamics. He will likewise record your session in MP3 format, or provide you with recordings on CD if necessary, so you can listen to your consult again and again to get the most from it. 
The world is obviously changing all around us. Sameness and conformity are giving way to individuality and uniqueness. The world is waking up and realizing YOUR unique perspectives and rich, diverse experience is vitally important to OUR future. Human Design is as concerned with understanding on-going human evolution as it is individual clarity. It IS time to discover WHO YOU REALLY ARE!! 
I invite you to contact Newton and invite him to assist you on YOUR journey into YOUR Human Deign. Give him a call for your FREE Human Design chart and schedule an appointment today!

Newton E. Bunce
(928) 350-8598
910 W. Gurley St, Spc 147
Prescott, Arizona 86305