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Nani Chesire
4/6 Generator
Level 2 Certified



Do you feel “stuck” in your life or business?


If so, I am super excited to talk with you about your design and strategy!


Hello!  My name is Nani Chesire.  I am a 4/6 Generator and Level 2 Certified Human Design Specialist, MBA, Soul Entrepreneur and Essential Oil Educator.  I offer Human Design Readings and Sacral Sessions.  *(Each Human Design session comes with a Personalized Plan using essential oils as vibrational healing support). 
As a mother of two amazing kids, I can tell you that Human Design is a powerful tool that has really helped my family.  It is so fun to share Human Design because it’s exciting to watch people understand themselves and things that have happened in their lives that they never understood before.  I love to watch parents find more ease by following their strategy as well as honoring their children as individuals.  With my business experience, I am also truly excited to help small business owners follow their design strategy to get “unstuck” and attract abundance by simply being their authentic self.  

I call my program iesscents because once you understand your unique design (the essence of you!) and you are ready to re-connect with your true self, you will need support.  Essential oils can hold the pulse for healing to “stick” and can support you on a daily basis. In my life I have found amazing power in the high vibrational healing from essential oils and I hope you can too.  I have correlated specific essential oils to different aspects of the human design chart. 

A one hour basic “Life Strategy” phone session is $97 (Type and Strategy).  With this you will receive a free copy of Human Design for Everyone, a Human Design e-book to be reviewed prior to our session and a free self-care with essential oils support plan for your specific Type.

I offer ala carte options to add onto your first reading depending on your needs like Sacral Sessions and Discover Your Design (Centers, Gates, and Profile).

I conduct all of my readings over the phone/Zoom during business hours on M, W, F 10:00AM to 2:00PM Pacific Time (Oregon).  I invite you to get in touch.




Nani Chesire

(503) 610-8036     M, W, F 10am-2pm Pacific Time (Oregon)