Macy Yik
6/2 Manifestor

Level 4 Specialist



Hi! I am Macy Yik, a 6/2 Manifestor, Transformational Coach, and Human Design Specialist. 

From many years of training and experience, I have found there is no "One-Size-Fits-All" in the Human Design system. 

If you have ever felt confused, frustrated, bitter, or even hopeless with your life or the relationships you are in, there's a reason. 

There are reasons why we have the challenges we do. 

However, more importantly, there are ways to get through them with ease and joy. Life is meant to be enjoyable, and you deserve to experience that happiness along your journey. 

My background combines leveraging the oriental wisdom of I-Ching, trained and certified Level 4 Human Design Specialist, creator of the systematic S.H.I.F.T. program, and over ten years experience as a top sales executive to help you find your unique strengths and talents. 

You will learn how to enhance your self-trust, discover your mission and lead an impactful and joyful life. 

Learn about your chart today so you can fully understand your specific strategy and CHANGE YOUR LIFE NOW!



Services Provided: 


  • Personal Life Chart Reading
  • Business Reading
  • Relationship Readings
  • Ignite Your Natural Power Coaching
  • Quantum Design in Leadership and Management Workshop