Maartje de Wolff






3/5 Manifesting Generator

Level 4 Certified



Coaching with me is about discovering new and more fun and effective ways of being who you are, and the first requirement is always awareness, and a willingness to look at who you think you are now.

Learning to see and know ourselves is an ongoing, lifelong, never-ending, fascinating and amazing journey. Looking at what holds you back and what interferes with ease and harmony in your life; looking at how you are operating and what beliefs are ruling your life, will give you a handle on how you can make your life much more interesting and enjoyable.

A feeling of success in life comes from being able to know, accept and love who you are, and being able to express yourself. Being yourself through knowing yourself. The Human Design system is a remarkable tool that gives you information about who you are that will not only confirm what you know about yourself, but also show you the parts of yourself that have been hidden, forgotten or denied for decades. Most people have a sense of coming home, of being seen, of liberation and new possibilities when they have a Human Design reading.

I am a UK based Human Design coach with many years of experience of working with people. I am looking forward to working with you – have a look at my website to see if I am the right Human Design specialist for you!