Linda Landon
5/2 Projector
Level 4


Welcome to the world of Human Design! My name is Linda Landon. As a 5/2 Projector, I’m designed to guide others to realize their magnificence.
I believe we all have a unique spark within us that is longing to come out and express itself. Regardless of our age, this spark is designed to burn brightly until the moment we leave the planet. My passion is to help you recover and ignite your unique gifts and talents so you can live the passionate, purposeful, and joyful life that is your birthright.
As a life-long entrepreneur I have worked with hundreds of clients ranging from business executives, to couples with children, to people in their mid 50’s going through a major life transition, to people wondering what’s next after they retire. They may complain of exhaustion, feeling stuck in their career, or a sense of deadness in their relationship. What they all have in common is that they have lost their turn on, and they can’t find the ignition switch. Many of them wrestle with the fear: “I’m getting old!"
Human Design is one of many powerful tools I use to help you alchemize your their particular life challenges in a pure love, brilliance, aliveness, and success beyond anything you can imagine. You can actually start to feel, look and act younger  - regardless of your age. 
I invite you to contact me and explore how to ignite your world. To get started, click here to access your Human Design Chart.
With love,
Linda Landon
Human Design Specialist,
Level 4
(310) 202-6722