Level Four Human Design
Classes and Trainings
***Level Four Core Training includes all of the Bonus Products listed
below, including the Homestudy Program, at no extra charge.

Level Four is the final program for Human Design Specialists.  To complete Level 4 you must have a solid understanding of all the parts of the Human Design chart, including circuitry.

It is easy to just read the different parts of the chart.  In Level 4 you will learn the “art” of reading a chart.  Every chart contains inherent energetic challenges, points of evolution, energetic “hook –ups” that determine themes in a person’s life and more.

As a Level 4 certified Human Design Specialist, you will be able to help your clients understand these themes in a new empowered way, support them in gaining new understandings of how to leverage their energy and help them create breakthroughs in their lives. 

Level 4 also teaches you how to look at the chart and identify spiritual themes and help your clients discover their life purpose and their spiritual path in this life time. 

If you want to truly serve as a powerful catalyst and coach, Level 4 is a key part of your Human Design Training.

You present at least one full Human Design reading so that you can get feedback and support as you deepen your skills as a Human Design Specialist. 

*You must submit a reading for Certification*

Level 4 Human Design Core Course (Teleclass/Webcast)
with Karen Curry
Online, pre-recorded classes with Karen Curry Parker, attend one live Level 4 class taught once a year.
Bonus Products
(***These products are included with the Core Training above.)
Human Design Forum - Live Weekly Support
with Kristin Shorter
This live weekly support Forum hosted every Monday.  Join in discussing specific Human Design charts, talking about key issues in design, and get a chance to have your questions answered by specialists in Human Design.
Live Weekly Teleclass
$57 month
FREE with purchase of Level 4 Training
Advanced Human Design Training
Sacral Session Trainings
Karen Curry
4 Hours of Sacral Question Training
MP3 Download
FREE with purchase of Level 4 Training
Advanced Human Design Training
Relationships by Design
with Karen Curry
3 Versions of this Class are Included: A 6 Week Version of this Recorded Teleclass from 2006 (12 Hours Total Training),  a 9 Week Recorded Teleclass from 2007 (18 Hours Total Training); and a 12 week version from 2012 (18 Hours Total Training).
MP3 Download 
FREE with purchase of Level 4 Training
Advanced Human Design Training
Profiling Class
with Karen Curry
4 Week Recorded Teleclass for Advanced Students; 6 Hours Total
MP3 Download
FREE with purchase of Level 4 Training