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Kristin Shorter
1/3 Generator
Level 4 Certified


Hi!  My name is Kristin Shorter.  I am a 1/3 Generator and Level 4 Certified Human Design Specialist as well as a Ceritfied Family Coach.  I do, Human Design Readings, Family Analysis, Sacral Sessions, Generator Coaching and Relationship Readings.
I first found Human Design in 2010 after getting my Bachelors in Psychology and working as a certified Victim Outreach Specialist with the University of Texas in Austin. As a single mother of three brilliant children I can personally attest that Human Design is a powerful tool that has truly changed my world and my family's so profoundly.


I love sharing Human Design with people because I love to watch my clients truly understand themselves and remember their life purpose.  Sometimes it's as if they are meeting themselves for the first time!
I conduct all of my readings over the phone during business hours on M - F 10:00AM to 3:00PM Central Time (Texas).  I can work with clients all over the world.  All of my readings are recorded for you in MP3 format and my clients receive a free copy of Human Design for Everyone,
a Human Design e-book with a free 2-hour recording specific to their Type.
I can also be booked for speaking engagements, seminars and trainings. 






I look forward to meeting you and talking about your beautiful design!







Contact Info:

Kristin Shorter 

(281) 989-5962 M-F 10am-3pm Central Time (Texas)