Kjella T. Ogrin

1 / 3 Energy Projector

Level 3 Certified



Hi, my name is Kjella T. Ogrin.  I am an Energy Projector with a 1/3 Profile.  I am a Level 3 Certified Human Design Specialist and have studied Relationships by Design, Parenting by Design and Family Training by Design and Abundance by Design and Gene Keys.


I invite you to join me in discovering your Human Design Blueprint.  It would be my joy to guide you on your personal journey to discover all the pieces that make up your unique self.  With awareness comes enlightenment and with that wisdom I will help advise and guide you on how to meaningfully navigate your future and heal from the conditioning of your past.  Discover the “how” to really “be” in your world knowing your life purpose and your life’s work and how to unfold, harness, and expand your power and gifts.


I was first introduced to Human Design almost 10 years ago when I received my first reading and fell in love with this material.  A little over a year ago after leaving my 30+ year Corporate Career, my passion for this material ignited and I jumped in and began studying this material full-time. This is the most accurate and developed tool that I have found that truly holds the keys (blueprint) that takes you on the journey to fully knowing yourself.  It is my mission to share this with all who cross my path.


I look forward to assisting you on YOUR journey.  I conduct readings in person, by phone, Skype or Zoom and the sessions are recorded in a MP3 format for you to keep.   Please check out my website or contact me directly for more information.



Kjella T. Ogrin
Certified Human Design Specialist


Phone:       (760) 560-8401
Email:        kjellatogrin@BeYourHumanDesign.com