Kathaleen Kientz




Kathaleen Kientz

Level 4 Specialist

*Certified Family Coach

Profile 5/1 – Type Manifestor


I was introduced to Human Design in 2010. Since studying it and putting into practice its principles, I have found it the most profound tool for self-understanding and transformation I have yet encountered. Its uncanny accuracy far exceeds anything I have discovered in years of working with astrology, numerology, The I Ching, psychology or other traditions I have studied.


For over 35 years I have professionally served thousands of people addressing the whole person — spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and socially. My background has included naturopathic principles via Iridology, nutrition, herbs, colon hydrotherapy, essential oils, body work, energy healing, emotional integration, spiritual counseling and astrology.  Human Design provides a powerful avenue to synthesize and integrate this range of experience. I have interacted through one on one session, taught classes, facilitated play shops, mentored students and published writings.


Human Design perfectly aligns with my mission statement:

“It is my desire to facilitate the creation and experience of living “Heaven on Earth” through self-responsibility and awareness of life enhancing choices.  Keeping the focus on harmony, balance and wholeness, I am dedicated to assisting others in discovering and living their joy and highest potential thus transforming their lives.”


As a “Heretical Pioneer”, my life has consisted of stepping out of line and challenging the rules, laws and societal boundaries. Using my ability to see patterns that are not working in people’s lives, I offer direction as well as support in developing practical skills to make the corrections that allow more joy to be experienced. I serve as a mirror for others and provide an opportunity for them to see the talents, abilities, gifts, and resources they may not be aware of.


In working with you utilizing Human Design, I will introduce you to your  “Personal Owner’s Manual” as well as your PGS— “Personal Guidance System”— and offer support during your process of integrating and experimenting with the truly miraculous Being you are. 


It is a privilege and honor to witness another person’s courageous journey through this human experience. My desire is to align my service with people ready and willing to make changes in their lives.


I treasure playing a part in the process of the collective “Cosmic Coming Out Party” as we take off our masks and allow our brilliance to shine as our spectacular Selves become manifested in the world.


May you be blessed to fall in love with your Self over and over and over again.

With enthusiasm and a heart full of love,

Kathaleen ♥


For your free Human Design chart send me your birth date, time and place by email. For more information, I invite you to contact me at:


Email: kathaleen@cableone.net

“Heaven on Earth”

Office: (928) 778-6169