Karen Hasselo
1/3 Generator
Level 3 Certified


Are you intimately acquainted with rock bottom?


Irrespective of your supercharged efforts, do you ever feel hopelessly stuck?


Do you feel alone with your personal challenges?


Do you ever feel like the people in your inner circle (no matter how well intended) aren’t connecting with your personal odyssey?


Do you feel chronically drained, depleted and burned out OR have you ever been diagnosed with a long-standing health challenge?


My name is Karen Hasselo and I am a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Level Three Human Design Specialist,and a Contributing Author to “No Mistakes: How You Can Change Adversity into Abundance (2013)” and “When Heaven Touches Earth: A Little Book Of Miracles, Marvels and Wonders (2016).”


Let me share a little bit about why I have too have struggled with the above dilemmas.  In 1994, after being told that my toddler son had autism, the life that I had known, unexpectedly imploded down to its foundation.  My son’s diagnosis, in tandem with the loss of my 20-year marriage and my health, precipitated my descent into the “dark night of the soul” and propelled my long exhaustive search to uncover the most optimal ways to heal and thrive, following a life-altering downward spiral.  Mysixteen years as a practicing Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist did not insulate me from temporary membership in the walking wounded.


Through several synchronicities… I was shown the power inherent in Human Design – a cutting edge personality tool that pinpoints your strengths, your vulnerabilities and offers you a map to actualize your potential as a Soul, who is having a very human experience.


As a 1/3 profile, I am here to share effective life strategies that quickly get to the heart of the matter, without you having to endure unnecessary trial and error.  I am in awe of the uncanny accuracy, healing power, and personal validation embedded in uncovering your unique Human Design.  I was also thrilled to learn that Human Design is here to benefit the world’s children, via the empowerment of adults in their inner circle.


Are you ready to discover how you can live more authentically?


Are you ready to harness your unique energy design?


Are you ready to learn to make decisions that align with your life path?


Are you ready to get out of your own way, so that you may access more joy and ease?


I invite you to up level your life with a Human Design Strategy Coaching Session.


In love and light,

Karen Hasselo, C.S.L.C.






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