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If you are a Projector reading this now, I HAVE AN INVITATION FOR YOU!


Hurray, an invitation!





Hey calm yourself...


...before I get to the invitation, I need to ask you some questions.


First of all, let me ask you, have you ever felt the PAIN of being a Projector?


Like for example,

  • Have you felt ignored or unnoticed for your talents?
  • Have you struggled to find the right career opportunities in your life?
  • Have you ever "known" what should be done in a situation and no one would ask your opinion?
  • Have you ever been ignored if you offered you opinion without being asked?
  • Have you ever given great advice, solved a problem, or created something wonderful and then SOMEONE ELSE got the credit for what you did or said?
  • Have you felt that sometimes people don't "see" you for YOU?
  • Has someone ever said to you "just get a job!" and you thought to yourself, "What the heck do you think I've been trying to do!?"
  • Have you been worked almost to death in 9-5 job or an 8-6 job, or even a 24/7 job?
  • Have you tried the whole "just do it" thing and found it ended in tragedy, misery, or just a waist of your time and money?
  • Have you felt the criticism of relatives or peers who think you have something wrong with you?
  • Have you tried to "follow your passion" and felt really cheated when you ended up broke and out of work?
  • Have you felt "out of control" of your own destiny?


Yeah, me too. Me too! Me too!! I've experienced ALL OF THAT and more!

  • There are times when I've done "what I love" and the money DIDN'T come.
  • There are times in my life when I've worked like a slave, burned myself out and still had no money to show for it?
  • There are times when I created something wonderful and got no credit for it!
  • I've tried to initiate things and had them either die on the vine or blow up in my face.
  • I've offered great advice (usually without being asked for it) and my advice has been ignored!
  • I've waited and waited to get noticed for jobs, relationships--even standing in line at the grocery store--and felt like I was actually invisible at times.
  • I've offered the perfect solutions for problems and had other people receive credit for MY ideas.
  • I've felt like I was completely out of control of my destiny, often thinking that I was totally at the mercy of others who didn't recognize me for who I am and didn't want me for what I have to offer.


Does that sound anything like your life?



Well listen, that was my life BEFORE I came to understand how to use my Projector vehicle correctly, but now that I understand Projector dynamics better, I can usually avoid those negative circumstances above. 

After I had my first Human Design reading it took me a long time to learn how to "drive" my Projector "vehicle" according to my own Strategy and Authority, and of course, I'm still learning more about it each day.

I've been at it for over six years, practicing my strategy of waiting to be invited and waiting to be recognized to speak. It hasn't been easy to learn to wait because I had to overcome a lifetime of Manifestor and Generator conditioning.

But I will say to you that it IS possible to decondition yourself and to learn how to drive your Projector "vehicle" correctly, according to YOUR strategy and YOUR own inner authority.


So let me ask you these questions:

  • Are you ready to start living out the beauty and power of who you really are as a Projector?
  • Are you ready to create the life YOU want instead of feeling like you are being controlled by the "energy types" all around you?
  • Are you ready to learn how to wait for the right invitations, and to know how to recognize them when they happen?


Look I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I've mastered my strategy completely, because I believe we never get it done.  We're always growing and learning and I know I always have more to learn.  And I won't promise to fix your life completely in a few weeks. You'll have to do that yourself.

But if you are a Projector who wants to learn what another Projector has to say about how you can effectively follow your Projector Strategy and your inner Authority, then read my announcement...


From the desk of:   
Kyle Curry
June 17, 2008


 Attention Unappreciated Projectors of the World!


After Six Years of Careful Study and Investigation...






(Or at least I've figured out enough of the code to help me understand myself and my life a lot better than I did before!)



Hi, I’m Kyle Curry...


I’m a Projector like you. And I as I said above, I've known your Projector pain first hand, in ALL varieties.

And now I've learned to use the "tools" that can help you and me both to live our lives free of the Projector pain.

Of course the tools I am referring to are your Human Design Strategy, which you have heard is to "wait to be invited," and your Inner Authority.

Basically, by following our Human Design strategy we are supposed to live in harmony with our personality type instead of fighting against ourselves. It teaches us to live as who we are instead living who we are not.

But for Projectors, Strategy can be hard to understand and harder to learn to follow, depending on how much a person has been conditioned in life to be his or her "Not-Self."  Let me tell you my experience...

I was told about my Human Design Strategy of "wait to be invited" over six years ago and basically for me...


...it sucked!



Yes, and it felt unempowering and disabling! Who wants to wait to be invited?! 

Maybe YOU felt the same way as I did when you were first told to wait to be invited, maybe you didn't. For me it was hard because I'd been conditioned to live my life in a way that was quite the opposite of my strategy.


When I first had a Human Design Reading six years ago,
I had a strong feeling that “Human Design” was going to help me in some way.

I think I secretly hoped my reading would tell me that I was destined for fame and riches, and that every decision I had made in my life up to that very minute was the correct. In short...


I couldn’t wait for the reading;

I was so excited!


Boy was I in for a shock.

I remember it clearly. It was a sunny day in April, 2002, in Sedona, Arizona where I had my chart read for me. I remember the beautiful view of the red rocks out the window of the Human Design Analyst's office. I was looking forward to the good news!

And then the bad news...

  • I learned that I was doing pretty much everything the wrong way for my personality type.
  • I learned that I was making decisions in my life that were just plain incorrect for me.
  • I was told to wait to be invited into anything important, and that I should stop trying to initiate things.


This was bad news because I had spent my life trying to live up to the "just do it" mentality of our society. I had studied all the "just do it" gurus who told me to take action and to work hard toward my goals. None of those gurus mentioned waiting.

Tony Robbins didn't tell me to wait! Wayne Dyer didn't tell me to wait! Brian Tracy didn't tell me to wait! Robert Kiyosaki didn't tell me to wait! Zig Ziglar didn't tell me to wait. Even John Randolph Price, Louis Hay and Shakti Gawain didn't tell me to wait. They all told me to set goals, affirm them, and go after them.

I come from a "doer" tradition where initiating is valued and waiting is weak. It was hard for me to hear that unless I waited to be invited I would just end up in the wrong jobs, the wrong relationships, the wrong places, and my health would suffer!

Can you imagine how unempowering it felt to me to hear such words?


And the worst part of all was that I knew it was right!


Yes, my intuition that told me that my reading was absolutely right about everything and I couldn't deny it. Have you had that experience with Human Design? You might not like to hear that you are supposed to wait to be invited, but something inside you tells you that this is, in fact, correct for you?


Despite my disappointment, I knew at some level that being a "doer" and an "initiator" had never served me.


In fact, when I honestly examine my past, I can't really say that taking action and initiating things had EVER paid off for me in my life.

I won't even tell you all of the business failures I've had or about all my projects that have gone unnoticed after I boldy initiated them.  I'll just say that it was obvious that "just do it" had never worked for me.

It was hard to admit that to myself, when I first learned about Projector Strategy six years ago, but the evidence from my own life was overwhelming.


So I decided to practice waiting.


After the initial confusion about my strategy, I got excited about it to tell you the truth. The first few weeks I had such hope!

The thought that I might finally be invited to share my talents and ideas with the world made me giddy.


And yet nothing seemed to happen right away.


And gradually I began to feel bitter and to resent that “wait to be invited” statement.  Just hearing the phrase "wait to be invited" started to sound like a voice mocking me.

It sandbagged me. It made me feel helpless to do anything because I didn't know how to "wait to be invited" and I wasn't sure how long I would have to wait.


Let me ask you, have you felt that too? Have you struggled with the concept of waiting to be invited?

  • Have you been told you have to wait to be invited but you don't know what to do while you're waiting?
  • Have you been told you need recognition before you can share your ideas but no one seems to be recognizing you or asking you to share? 
  • Has this "wait to be invited" strategy made you feel helpless to act in your own self-interest?
  • Have you felt stressed at not seeing any decent invitations come your way lately?

Me too.


That's exactly how I felt after a few months of "waiting to be invited."

After my initial hope and excitement about my new strategy I began to get worried. I was trying to wait, but it felt so hard when no invitations were forthcoming right away.

What proof did I have that waiting was working for me?  How could I justify waiting to my family who thought I should be DOING?

I didn't get any big invitations in the first couple of months of using my strategy (or even little invitations).

And worse, I didn't know exactly what it meant to wait. I had never tried to consciously wait before.

I had so many questions.

  • What does mean to wait to be invited?
  • How do you wait without knowing where invitations will come from, when they will arrive, what they will involve?
  • What do you do while you're waiting?


It was all very confusing!

Well, I didn't give up, fortunately. I was determined to figure it all out for myself.

I'm a 1/3 Profile, which, if you are a student of Human Design you recognize as an investigative person. I am driven to investigate, so as you can imagine, I dove into studying any Human Design material I could get my hands on.

But even then I found that...


...no one seemed to offer a clear answer to the question "What does it mean to wait to be invited?"


I mean honestly...


What the heck are we supposed to do while we are waiting?


I began to feel as if there was some secret code, some bit of knowledge that was missing, and that if only could find this hidden knowledge I could master the whole waiting to be invited thing.


I set about searching for the answer to "The Projector Code."

I didn't give up. I kept at it--reading, researching, listening to audios, and most of all, examining my own life experience to see if I could find evidence of Projector strategy at work in my life.

It was the last of those strategies that gave me the most hope for figuring out waiting.

In reflecting on my life experiences I began to see that the only circumstances that had truly worked out well for me were the ones in which I had been properly invited. And I could see how trying to be a “doer” and an "initiator" had never really panned out for me in any life circumstances.

The more I looked at my life, in fact, the more convinced I became that waiting was indeed the correct strategy for a Projector to follow.


But parts of the code still remained a secret.



There was so much I still didn't know.

  • How long do you wait before you panic?
  • How do you know when you finally get a correct invitation?
  • How do you act AFTER you get an invitation?
These questions continued to bother me. 


It seemed as if fate or luck was all we Projectors could rely on!



I began to wonder, was it even worth trying to figure out Projector strategy?


Well, was it???


Hey, pay attention to this next part, because it's really important for Projectors to hear...






I could have given up in those first few months of trying to live my strategy and I could have gone back to living my “not-self” as the fake doer, the "pretend" initiator, or the "generator slave."

Many Projectors feel tempted to give up when they feel confused and unsure about Projector strategy.  Bitterness eats at us.

It's much easier to just fake it, to try to please the world, than to follow a Projector strategy that seemingly goes against all logic and tradition.


But then something happened...


...that woke me up to the danger of living the not self. 

A well known coach and mentor to many leaders in the self-help industry died of a sudden and massive heart attack. He was far too young for anyone to have expected him to have heart disease.

I would never have thought this man was a Projector until we ran a chart for his birthday.

I just assumed that this man was a Manifestor or a Manifesting Generator. This man had acted like a Manifestor by constantly initiating new projects and he worked like a Generator, putting in long hours at his job. 

But upon learning his birthdate
I found that he was in fact a Projector!

This well known self-help guru was in fact a Projector who had spent his adult life acting like someone he was not. And he burned himself out completely and just dropped dead one day!

This happened 10 months after I had my first Human Design reading. We were very impressed with the projects this man had been developing and my wife had even done a Human Design reading for his main trainer and successor, (who also turned out to be a Projector!)

I can't prove this man's death was a result of living his "not-self" all that time, but I can tell you that in the following weeks more and more examples of burned out Projectors began to surface in my experience. I don't think this was a coincidence. I think I was getting a message!

It seemed every day I spoke to yet another Projector who told me one story after another of sudden and unexpected health issues, of burn out and overwhelment.

A clear picture began to emerge and I heard an inner voice telling me what to do... 


Follow your strategy, Projector, or burn out and die young!






As you can imagine, figuring out "The Projector Code" was no longer a matter of curiosity and experimentation. It had become a matter of life and death for me.

You know, it's easy to see strategy working for the other types in the Human Design system. Manifestors, Manifesting-Generators, Generators, and Reflectors can all get very quick feedback by simply applying their strategy and their inner authority.

Those types can begin living out their strategies immediately and their lives start to improve as they begin to enter into circumstances that are correct for them.

It can feel very discouraging to be a Projector who has to practice strategy for months or years before getting feedback in the form of a correct invitation.

I'm glad I didn't give up on it though, because now, after six years of study and reflection...


...I believe I’ve cracked the projector code!





Yes, I think I have cracked the Code. Or least "a" Projector code, that allows me to follow the strategy of waiting for recognition and waiting to be invited without going totally nuts in the process.

For sure, I still get anxious at times, waiting for correct opportunities to be offered to me in the correct way. And I definitely feel bitter on a daily basis!

But I've come to appreciate my strategy and my authority and even my bitterness. I use these gift to guide me to the correct places, the correct people and the correct events in my life.



And in many cases I use my strategy to keep me AWAY FROM entering into incorrect circumstances, especially when I feel desperate for recognition and I'm tempted to meet the wrong people, accept the wrong jobs and go to the wrong places.



In April of 2008 I was INVITED to share my experiences with other Projectors. I pulled together six years of my own observations, my epiphanies and my investigative study of Projector strategy to create class that I called:


“The Projector Survival Guide”


I designed this class to help Projectors learn to follow their strategy and authority. My sincere desire is that this information helps you begin to create a life YOU enjoy, and a life YOU choose, instead of you feeling as if you have to do what others think you "should" do or what you feel trapped into doing.

This class is also for parents of Projectors, for spouses of Projectors, for bosses of Projectors (oh yeah, bosses need it bad!), for children of Projectors, and for anyone else who wants to understand Projectors and help them live out their destinies.


It's time for all Projectors to
stand up and be recognized!

(Or rather, to be recognized, THEN stand up.)

But, it's not just up to Generators and Manifestors to start respecting, recognizing and inviting Projectors. Yes, that's a step in the right direction.


But I believe it’s even more important for us Projectors to start learning how to make ourselves ready for the invitations!



WE can’t be recognized if we are wearing masks that don’t look like us. If you are a Projector living your "not-self" or going around as a Generator Slave, you are like a person at a masquerade ball.

No one can see who you are. As Projectors...

...we have to take off our masks in order to be recognized. 

And that’s one of the things I teach you how to do in this class.  So now let me tell you more about the class.


I taught "The Projector Survival Guide" for the first time in May 2008. It was the first class in my six years of Human Design experience that was all ABOUT Projectors, and FOR Projectors, and taught BY a Projector!!

And let me tell you, it was fun!


Here is what some of the students had to say about the first "Projector Survival Guide" seminar...


Hi Kyle!!!!!!!!!!!!

this class has been totally TRANSFORMATIVE and LIFE-ALTERING............ truly the key to living a POWERFUL LIFE  that we LOVE...............

a BIG THANK YOU for going OVER-THE-TOP with info, tidbits, and stories.................you are soooooooooo right...the stories soothe and teach our souls!!!!!!!!!!!!!thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!!!!!!!!!

with divine love, appreciation, and gratitude


Hi Kyle,

What a class! Thanks for so much valuable practical information. Evenat this beginning level, the Projector's Survival information you'veshared is like getting a new owner's manual for one's life.Looking forward to experimenting this week and to class next week.Rest Well,


Hi Kyle,

I just want to say that I really appreciate you and the way you bring yourself to the class.  Your honesty, and openness is resonating with everyone that is participating.  Your acceptance of everyone's story makes it seem like we are all in a room lounging on overstuffed pillows and sharing stories.  I feel built up, heartened, emotional and determined all at the same time.

In short, you are doing an awesome job.  I really hope that your "cells" are having a good time leading this class, because you are a natural. 

See you in class tomorrow.



Hi Kyle,

I am getting  a lot out of your projector class. I was  feeling depressed at the prospect of being a projector to begin with but it is making more sense now and helping me understand my life long patterns.In preparation for the relationship class it is probably a good idea
for me to know what my husband and son are.Thanks for seeing the need for this class and stepping up to answer the invitation. I am so glad you did !

Light Blessings,


Hi Kyle,

The Projector class is awesome in so many ways!  Thanks for being a Projector and for teaching a class for Projectors!  When I try to listen to Karen's class live there is so much Sacral energy that I feel like jumping out of my skin.  I finally understood that last night.  It is so calming to be present in the Projector class and the sharing from everyone is very helpful.  Typically, I wait until a class is recorded to download so I can slow it down or take a break when the energy gets too intense without missing anything.  My 1/3 profile wants every bit of info and experience at my own pace!  

I look fwd to the rest of the class and hope you will do others over time.   Thanks again!


Hi Kyle,

Just finished listening to the replay of Class 1 and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. It is really different for me hearing a Projector teachthe material. It is just more relaxed as it goes in. I usually struggle with integration and feel like I'm having to keep up with everyone else's energy flowing through me.

Your description of being "buzzed" fit exactly. It's always a little uncomfortable especially when I'm concentrating so hard to listen and learn the facts. I always thought that I just had some kind of undiagnosed learning deficit, because I knew that I was intelligent enough. It may also have something to do with my filtering system. Can't wait to learn more from you and the group.


Projectors really benefit from hearing the experiences of other Projectors!

Your message motivates me to get over feeling guilty for not "doing it right" according to others' rules whenever the guilt shows up. One of my favorite sayings has been, "Who made up THAT rule?" 

After your class I have so much more understanding of why I was always challenging rules that didn't fit me... and still feeling guilty. Sooooo much guilt and shame for wanting and feeling entitled to be supported and for avoiding day jobs. Maybe I have been my own worst critic. Okay, now I'm giving up guilt and shame! That's an ambitious adventure to undertake.



I would like to thank you from the depth of my soul for teaching the projector class!!! It was so special in so many ways.....hearing somebody share their stories of pain and success and realizing you are not alone in experiencing some of the things you have experienced in your life. Holding the space for others to share their stories and ALWAYS honoring the person sharing!!
For me, the most valuable thing that I take from the class is being in a space with people that speak your language...people that feel experiences with the depth that you do. It felt for me .... like a slumber party.....it felt so comfortable...it was like we were in our pajamas....our guards were down..sharing our souls and there was so much joy in everyone's hearts!

Kyle, you are an excellent teacher and I feel you have a big part to play in changing the world!  If you can see the beauty in being a Projector and can share that and help other projectors feel their own beauty that will change their energy and everyone will benefit.




Once again, here's some of what you will learn in this seminar:

  • How to wait in a way that invites invitations. 
  • How to recognize correct invitations and distinguish them from incorrect "not self" invitations.
  • How the three different types of projectors must use different internal authorities to assess invitations for correctness.
  • How to say “no” to the wrong invitations.
  • How to create the conditions necessary to be ready for an invitation.
  • How to act AFTER you receive a correct invitation (this is important!).


(As a bonus, you will also learn to look at a Human Design Chart and see how the energy flows. You'll finally "get" what it means to be a Projector, or a Manifestor, or a Generator, or a Manifesting Generator, or a Reflector. The behavior of your relatives and friends will suddenly make sense to you in a way you never understood before!)


I want this seminar to help you YOU get what YOU desire in your life by using your Strategy and Authority correctly.


And want you to understand what the other people in your life need from you in order to get what they desire.


At the top of this page I said I had an invitation for you. I am inviting you to join those of us Projectors who are learning how to use our strategy and authority correctly. Become one of our group of "Empowered Projectors."


You can download the entire 12 hours of this training along with the class outlines and reference sheets by clicking on the link in the box below.

If you don't know anything about Projectors or whether this class is for you,  you want can start learning about Projector strategy right now by listening to this introductory class on Projectors below. This class if a free 1-1/2 hour introduction to Projectors and "The Projector Survival Guide."  You can downlad the class to your computer by clicking on the "download" link.


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