Huang Bingjie



Huang Bingjie
4/6 Generator
Level 1 Human Design Specialist
Level 1 Healing by Human Design Specialist


Hi I'm Huang Bingjie, Bingz for short. I am a 4/6 Generator and a Level 1 Certified Human Design Specialist. I have more than 8 years of energy healing experience, specializing in gentle yet effective emotional healing. It is very interesting to realize how my completely open Emotional Solar Plexus has given me great emotional challenges and I am so glad that through consistent energy healing practice I have been able to convert that as a wonderful gift to help people heal from their emotions. 
I use this healing method known as The Wonder Method ( that allows me to go really quiet within myself so I become open to healing whatever misalignment that turn up as 'noise' that I pick up in you. Human Design has given me such an elegant system for me to fine-tune my healing abilities - I am able to tune into specific elements (eg gate, channel, center) of your chart (request for a free chart from me if you don't have one yet!) for more rapid and effective healing and that is super awesome! 
Would you like to know more about who your true self really is?
Do you want to know how you might have been conditioned to NOT be your true self?
Do you want to know how to shed your NOT-self to become more authentically you?
Do you want to embrace more JOY and ABUNDANCE in your life?
If you answer YES to any of the above, then do consider approaching me for a Level 1 Human Design reading, that can be integrated with additional healing work. 
I live in Sunny Singapore, my time zone is GMT+8 (same as Hong Kong, China time) and I can be flexible with appointment times. Please do email me at if you'd like to schedule your reading / healing session. I am happy to meet you via Skype and in-person (if you reside in Singapore) for your session. 
Lovin' energies from Bingz!