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Welcome to Living From Your Essence!


Imagine a world where you're living the life you came to live, where you're expressing, creating, and contributing from your heart, from your full palette of gifts, passions, and knowledge.  This is possible when you step into the you that you were created to be.  Discover yourself through Human Design.


Who are you?  What do you love? What are you good at? Your skills, talents and interests are the key to the reason you are here! I can help you identify your purpose through my writings and transformative services. Let me guide you along this path, the path that is yours alone, the path that only you were meant to take. I will act as your mentor, your guide, and perhaps more fittingly -- your Soul's Cheerleader.


I bring depth to your Human Design reading, having invested many years of personal exploration into how we evolve and transform our consciousness.  My need to understand mystery began early in life and led me to explore systems and modalities that each offered their unique insights on the soul's journey.  I am certified in Past Life Regression, Between Lives Regression, Transformative Coaching, Hypnosis, and Human Design.  My years-long drive to know the fundamental workings of life has finely honed my ability to look deeply into how you are designed.


Human Design With Gauquelin Astrology: I have created a brand new, not-to-be-found-anywhere else service. This service is a unique system that combines Human Design with the lesser known findings of Michel Gauquelin’sastrology research on how cosmic influences affect human behavior.  Even if you’ve previously enjoyed readings of your natal astrology chart, this reading will give you all-new information about your chart which will add dimension and insight to your understanding of your Human Design.


Why have a session with Gloria?


No matter our level of professionalism, education or expertise, we all need someone who sees us. More importantly, we all need someone who has a life task of seeing and understanding others.  This is my life task and spiritual mandate.  Partner up with me and you will be able to see yourself more clearly. I promise. Together, we can clarify your next step.


When you live a life that is in alignment with who you are and make decisions and choices that support that, you will attract what you need, and the trails that lead you to your right places, teachers, and opportunities will find you.  When you live in alignment with your original design, you are truly on the way to fully expressing your dharma – the reason you are here.


Sessions are by phone. I will record your session and send you the link to your audio file.  Please visit my website at  for more information on my background and for additional detail on my sessions.


I am happy provide you with your Human Design chart. Please sign up for my newsletter at   I look forward to our first conversation.


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Living your right life will lead to your evolution. Your right life is your guidebook and your pathway.