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To live correctly, the two most common Types, the Generators and Manifesting Generators must respond to things that present themselves, rather than initiating action and activity. If Generators and Manifesting Generators don’t wait to respond but instead choose to initiate action, then they will meet with frustration and resistance. Knowing how to use the response mechanism that is built into the Generator type, therefore, is the key to success in making decisions. Once a Generator and a Manifesting Generator know how to properly use response, then they can unleash the powerful life-force energy of the sacral motor and commit to work and life in a way that is healthy for themselves and everyone around them.



Only Generators and Manifesting Generators have a sacral motor. If you have a red square on your chart, this means that you have a defined Sacral Center in Human Design terminology. Those people with a defined Sacral Center are called Generators (or Manifesting Generators if they also have a motorized center connected to the throat). All other types do not have a defined sacral motor. The sacral motor is the most powerful motor in the body. It is the life force motor. The sacral is designed to respond to work opportunities and to sexual opportunities.

Just like a car, however, the sacral motor has to be “turned on”. The keys that we use to turn on the sacral motor are the special sounds that the sacral center makes. These sounds are “Uh-Huh” and “Un-Un”. Generators and Manifesting Generators can use these sounds as a navigation tool to help then evaluate whether opportunities that come to them are right for them or not. These sounds are the “response” that the Generator gives to some opportunity or question that arises.



Now to our question: What exactly is responding and how do I determine whether I am responding to something or initiating?

The answer to the first part of that question is that responding as it is described in the Human Design System is simply a method of using your gut instincts to give yes/no type responses to yes/no type questions. To answer the second part of that question fully I would need to write a very long book. But I will offer some examples that I think will illustrate what it means to respond, and then I will comment on the nature of response in more detail. From those examples and my short commentary I hope you begin to develop a rudimentary idea of what responding is verses initiating. In future articles I can further develop this idea, but for now lets look how we respond and at some specific examples of response.



To begin with, it is important for Generators and Manifesting Generators to make the sacral sounds in response to things that come to them. For example, you visit an acquaintance you haven’t seen in a while and he asks you if you want to come to work at his new company. If you say, “Uh-huh” then this response indicates that the job offer might be good work opportunity for you. If you respond “un-un” then it might not be a good opportunity for you. You sacral response lets you know if the situation is correct for you or not.

The basic structure of the sacral response follows this exact pattern: a yes/no question is asked and the gut response is allowed to flow from inside as an “uh-huh” (yes) or as an “un-un” (no). As oversimplified as that example sounds, you will experience such situations if you are a sacral being. In fact, Generators will frequently get questions just like that to respond to. It almost seems like the Universe is being so obvious at times by throwing out direct yes or no questions, that it makes me laugh at how easy it is to respond in a way that is correct for me.

Every meal, for instance, is an opportunity for a Generator to respond. “Do you want a salad?” one might ask. “Uh-huh” one might answer. “Do you want your dressing on the side?” one might ask. “Un-un” one might answer. And so it goes, every day, every meal, can be a chance for a Generator to respond in a clear way to a specific question.

If only it were that simple all the time! Alas, we don’t always get a perfectly worded question that allows us to answer “uh-huh” or “un-un” out loud. Sometimes we get more subtle promptings and that’s when many Generators wonder about whether or not they are responding or initiating. Let me give a couple of examples of subtle sacral promptings a Generator or a Manifesting Generator may experience.



As I said, sometimes the Generator and the Manifesting Generator may respond to an internal prompting and won’t necessarily have an explicit question or other auditory stimulus to respond to.

Imagine, for example, that your sister has had a new baby and her husband calls to tell you about the new arrival. A typical response to this kind of news would be to go visit your sister and see the new baby. Assuming you have a good relationship with your sister, that feeling that you want to go see the baby might be considered an internal “uh-huh”. In other words, you are responding internally to the unspoken question that says “do you want to see the new baby.” You wouldn’t wait by the phone hoping that your sister would call you and ask “would you like to see the baby?” In fact, if you didn’t visit and hold the baby, your sister might feel hurt. Obviously, if someone asked you out loud “Do you want to see the new baby?” you would answer “uh-huh.” But as I see it, you don’t have to wait to hear those words to respond to your internal prompting to visit a newborn family member. If you aren’t sure or it occurs to you that you might be initiating, you can always ask yourself some yes/no type questions to clarify the situation.

Here is another example of what I would consider a subtle sacral response from my experience. Recently I was in San Francisco at a New Age Expo. As I was looking around at the different booths I walked past a booth filled with green books. I didn’t pay much attention to the books but my body literally stopped and walked backwards to make me get a closer look into that booth. My sacral felt as if it moved my body to get another chance to respond to that book. It turns out that that particular book was just what I needed to help me in a phase of my business development. After perusing the cover, I got a big internal “uh-huh” to buying the book. I didn’t stand at the booth waiting for someone to come up to me and ask “do you want to buy this book?” No one even called to me from the booth and said “Would you like to come over here and look at this book?” I just felt an internal tugging that pulled me back to the booth and to the books on the table. I could have asked myself a few sacral questions, such as “do I want to buy this book?” But it didn’t feel necessary. I had my “uh-uh” before any question was asked.

This tugging feeling from my Sacral Center has happened to me on other occasions as well, and it typically results in something wonderful. If I had ignored it and waited for a verbal cue (such as a yes/no question from another person) I might have missed some very correct opportunities.



As a Generator and a Manifesting Generator you are always responding. Something is appearing in your world every minute to respond to. Whether it is a question like “Do you want a sandwich for lunch?” or “Would you like to work at this company?” or more subtle situations as the ones described above, Generators receive daily prompting to respond. Having given examples of subtle response situations above, I would suggest that in the beginning of your experiment with design that you wait for something to appear in FORM before responding. As you get more experienced with responding, you will begin to understand what is a true response and what is just an idea from you mind.

I wish I could say it will always be easy to tell if you are responding or initiating, but it may feel like a subtle distinction at times. I teach workshops all over the country. I have learned through trial and error that if I come up with an idea about a workshop and just go ahead and teach it, odds are no one will show up. I can do everything right from sending press releases to handing out flyers and inviting guests but it just doesn't work out the way I envision it. My mind tells me to go ahead and teach the seminar, but remember that the mind is not the authority for the Generator and Manifesting Generator. The SACRAL CENTER is the authority and the SACRAL RESPONSES of “uh-huh” and “un-un” are the guidance system for that authority.

If someone comes to me and asks me to teach the exact same workshop and I respond “uh-huh”, I experience a somewhat different outcome. The workshop fills with people and it goes well. Being asked gives me something to respond to, and by responding “uh-huh” I know it is correct for me to teach the workshop.



Sometimes I’m not sure whether or not I am responding to an internal prompting, as in the book example described earlier, or if I am initiating. In such a situation I wait a little longer.

For example, one Saturday I was thinking about placing an advertisement in a local magazine for my business. But, I wasn't responding to anything as far as I could tell. I was just thinking about the idea of placing the ad. I decided to hold off on any decision about the ad until I got something to respond to. Literally, the next morning, a query from the advertising department of that particular magazine appeared in my email box. Now I had something to respond to! So, did my mind initiate that situation, or was it a true response situation? I believe the whole scenario was a response situation. Thinking about the magazine ad may have been a response to something internal, but I waited to have something appear in form to allow me to respond



Be very careful, especially in the beginning that something comes to you in a very clear way for you to respond to before you take action! As you practice living your design you gradually become better able to distinguish between responding and initiating.



So, what is the nature of responding? Well, theoretically responding means answering a yes/no question with an “uh-huh/un-un” type answer. In real terms, however, I believe it means trusting your gut, whether or not you have a specific question to respond to at a particular moment. I realize that the short examples above will not answer all the questions I have received about responding, nor will they clear up all the confusion surrounding the issue. I will continue to address the ideas involved with the Generator response in future articles. I hope I have at least opened the topic up for you and given you some examples that will allow you to start trusting your gut and using your Sacral response.



I can’t close this article without briefly addressing the issue of trusting that you will get something to respond to. Most Generators become fearful that if they don’t initiate, they will not receive opportunities to respond, and therefore will never accomplish anything n their lives. Life is simply geometry. All you have to do as a Generator and a Manifesting Generator is to allow the geometry of your destiny to come to you. Wait, and you will get something to respond to!

A great Master Teacher gave me this analogy to illustrate the nature of waiting and trusting. At the time when I was told this story, I found comfort in it and I hope that you will too.



Once upon a time there was a woman who wanted to cross a wide and rapid stream. The stream was too wide, too deep, and too rapid for her to safely wade across. As the woman stood by the stream she could look across and see the exact point where she thought she wanted to go. She paced back and forth across the banks of the stream, frustrated and confused about how to get to the other side.

As she stood alone at the edge of the stream, a gentle voice spoke to her and told her to look at the water. Before her very eyes, a beautiful large round, smooth river rock appeared in the water, just the right distance away for her to step on safely from the bank of the creek.

The woman immediately stepped onto the rock ready to keep on leaping to the other side. As the woman stood on the rock waiting, she began to feel frustrated again. Again, she could see the other side of the creek and where she wanted to go but she just could not get there. Now she was really frustrated and she began to jump up and down on her rock.

Again, a gentle voice reminded her to look down at the water. As she looked down, another beautiful, stable rock appeared just a little ways away from the rock she was standing on. The woman hopped gracefully to the next rock, this time a little bemused at the whole process.

This process repeated itself over and over again. And each time as the woman stepped onto a new rock, she began to trust that another rock would appear. She just had to wait for the right one. Slowly, she made her way across the stream, rock by rock, until she arrived at her destination. By the time she got to the other side, she knew that wherever her life took her, opportunities to go further would always present themselves.

Your life is like the stream. Stand on the edge, see where you want to go and wait for the rocks to show up. When an opportunity to further your crossing appears, respond with your sacral and see whether this is really the rock you want to step onto.

You may find that your path of rocks takes you to a different part of the stream than you originally intended. You may find that once you get out in the middle of the stream that the side you started out on is better than where you are going. You may find that Life will bring you the perfect rocks to lead you to the path of your greatest Heart's desires.

Follow the rocks and TRUST that they will always appear when you are ready!



(Please Listen to the Recording and Scroll to Bottom of Page to See Sacral Sound Exception Examples)

The sacral motor is the most powerful motor in the body. Manifesting Generators and Generators have a defined sacral. If you have a red square on the bottom of your Human Design chart then you are a Manifesting Generator or a Generator. The sacral motor is designed to respond to life. The Generator and Manifesting Generator strategy is to wait for things to show up in life and then respond to them.

The sacral motor is the navigation tool that allows the Generator and Manifesting Generator to make powerful life choices with clarity and correctness. Just like a car needs a key to turn it on, the sacral motor is turned on by two sounds. These two sounds are sounds that many of us, especially if you were raised in the South, have had conditioned out of us. The sounds are "uh-huh" (indicating "yes") and "un-un" (indicating "no"). Think about this for a moment. Imagine two small generator children having a fight over a toy. What do they say to each other?

"Uh-huh! Un-un! Uh-huh! Un-un! Uh-huh! Un-un! Uh-huh! Un-un!"

Now imagine those same two children fighting and saying "yes" and "no". The words "yes" and "no" do not carry the same degree of power as the sounds "uh-huh" and "un-un". We lose our power as Generators and Manifesting Generators when we don't use our sacral sounds, and instead try to make decisions from the mind.

Through responding with the sacral motor, Generators and Manifesting Generators can reach a deep level of self-awareness and truth about themselves in that moment. The sacral motor never lies, although it can reveal answers that can be disconcerting to the mind at times; it is true in the present moment though it can sometimes change its response at a later time or as a person's life circumstances evolve.

Generators and Manifesting Generators can reach clarity simply by having someone sit down and ask them "yes or no" questions. By using the sacral sounds in response to these questions the generator can learn the truth about themselves and their life. It is an amazing process that can help the generator know themselves and their truth in the midst of mental confusion.

Remember that the sacral sounds will be your truth in the moment.

Have someone ask you these questions below.
I want you to respond with your sacral sounds. Use the warm-up questions to get you comfortable with your sounds. Sit back, get comfortable in your chair and close your eyes. Remember that these questions are designed to help you know your truth. Love yourself no matter what your answer is. There are no right or wrong answers.

Are you ready for some questions?


Do you like chocolate?

Do you like coffee?

Do you like broccoli?


Is your life stress free?

Are you mentally healthy?

Do you have any addictions?

Do you smoke?

Do you drink too much coffee?

Do you use food for comfort?

Do you get regular exercise?

Do you get enough sleep?

Do you get enough relaxation?


Do you have a deeply satisfying life-partnership?

Do you resolve disputes peacefully?

Do you resolve disputes with win-win conflict resolution?

Are you close to your children?

Are you close to your parents?

Are you close to your extended family?

Do you have positive, supportive friends?


Do you get along well with your co-workers?

Do you have a fulfilling job which nourishes you?

Do you look forward to beginning work each day?

Do you love what you do, not what you have to do?

Do you have a career that is in line with your true calling?

Do you have the time to pursue your creative desires?


Do you manifest everything you need effortlessly and easily?

Do you earn what you are worth?

Do you have freedom from fear of lack?

Do you have financial worries?

Do you manifest everything you want effortlessly and easily?


Do you love where you live?

Do you live where you want to live?

Do you fit in where you live?

Are your free from fear of war?

Are you free from fear of crime?

Do you have a creative space for yourself that is fulfilling?

Do you live in a clean, non-polluted environment?

These are just a sample of questions to help you learn about yourself and how to use your sacral motor.

If you have a brown triangle on the far right of your Design chart then you are "emotionally defined". Emotionally defined individuals will experience emotional waves that vary in intensity and duration. If you are emotionally defined, your truth can change depending on where you are in your emotional wave.

The purpose of emotional waves is to help you examine an issue from different emotional perspectives and gain clarity from these varying perspectives. You must allow yourself to answer these questions at different times in your emotional wave so you can understand yourself on a deeper level. So check back periodically and listen to the sacral questions to see which answers change and which ones stay the same.


Examples of the Exception to the Sacral Sounds, the Manifesting Generator with the 34-20 Channel: