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Elaine Correia
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If you understood how your natural gifts influence your life, would that help you accomplish happiness, abundance, love and close companionships in your life? 
I'm Elaine Correia, your guide to self empowerment through understanding your natural gifts and characteristics. 
Growing up with a challenging mother turned out to be a blessing in disguise, although I didn't think so at the time. I struggled with self worth as I tried to conform to her expectations. She didn't understand my highly sensitive nature or my natural talents, so I spent a lot of time sick, which gave me the time and space to fulfill my own desires. I loved reading science, sci-fi and mythology books. Over the years, I studied into and experienced many healing modalities, energy and metaphysical philosophies, sacred mysteries and the practical aspects of life and business.  Learning about one's self and putting that knowledge into practical use is a very empowering life-long undertaking. I am very grateful for a keen understanding of other people and their life situations,  for the financial successes and wonderful relationship I have attracted as a result of all of my study, insights and new perspectives.  
I invite you to partake of my accumulated wisdom and insights, so that you are able to walk the path towards peace,  joy and abundance in all areas of life and enjoy a loving relationship. 
I offer individuals and couples readings and coaching that will bring clarity and understanding to your life and help guide you into a future that you want.  Readings are via phone or Skype and calls are recorded.  
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