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Most of our clients get so excited about Human Design they immediately want to learn more and share Human Design with their friends, their family and their community. Having a deep understanding of Human Design can help you not only know yourself, but it can help you become a better partner, a better parent, a better business person and even improve your health.
Having Human Design in your personal or professional “tool box” is a powerful way for you to help others and also make a positive difference in the world.
Learning more about yourself, your loved ones and your world can be as simple as picking up a telephone or clicking on a few links on your computer with our web-based learning system.  The Human Design for Everyone Training System is designed to make learning easy, affordable and practical.  You can learn from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world.


Who Are We?

My name is Karen Curry.  I am the founder of the Human Design for Everyone Training System™.  I have been a student and a teacher of Human Design for more than 14 years and I have done over 6,000 Human Design readings. 

Human Design is a complex system with many parts, nuances and layers.  In order to have a solid understanding of Human Design, you have to know how to blend all the key elements of the chart together to tell the “story” of a person’s life. 

But Human Design can also be very, very simple.  You just have to learn it step-by-step and then, with the guidance of an experienced teacher, discover the joy and art of synthesizing all these pieces into one core message. 

Human Design for Everyone is unique in that it truly offers a simple way to understand Human Design.  In the Human Design for Everyone Training System, we’ve taken out technical and complicated vocabulary and grounded our teaching in practical, everyday wisdom so that our students and our clients can take the information in their Human Design chart and immediately begin to apply it to their lives in a very practical way.

We have also created a series of simple classes specifically targeted to help you with important areas in your life, such as Parenting By Design and Business By Design.  We want to help you live an abundant, authentic life!


"My first business meeting after your class was wonderful! I applied the strategies that you taught me to a very difficult client. What started out to be a very uncomfortable situation, now looks like one of the largest accounts that I have worked in three years. I also see a difference in the way that I relate to my children. We have always been very close, however, after a difficult separation from their father things have been strained. After the first week of returning from my human design reading, I have already seen a shift toward our close loving relationship."

=K.H., North Carolina


Our professional level trainings focus not only on teaching Human Design Specialists how to read a chart, but also on how to use the information in the chart to coach clients so that they can have better relationships, better work opportunities, better health and a better life.

In addition, because we understand how important it is to do good work in the world and be financially supported, we also teach our professionals how to get a Human Design business started, create powerful websites, get clients and work with our team to share Human Design with the world.


“I am so happy to have taken the Human Design Specialist training! Not only do I LOVE doing Human Design readings because it helps my clients understand themselves better and see how special, unique and beautiful they are, but it has also more than doubled my monthly income. My clients are so happy with their new insights that they refer all their friends to me! What an incredible feeling of abundance and satisfaction, knowing that I am being financially prosperous while fulfilling my life purpose doing something fun!”

=Dumari Dancoes, Nashua, NH


“You provided a tremendous amount of tangible & resourceful information. The first day I felt like it might be yet another course which I received info but would need to pay for and invest more time in additional training. However you provided us with enough knowledge to utilize these tools immediately. This was powerful.  Again, I cannot stress enough how valuable the resources and material you provided are. Each person in the class could actually leave the class and start in the next day with what you provided!

I was especially impressed with the abundance of tangible info on marketing. You gave so many specific ideas and take-aways. You spoke with an excellent balance of information from your heart, from your many years of experience and from your research. The integrity of your words was clearly evident.

Again Karen, thanks for sharing yourself. You illuminate the planet with such radiance, love and unique light!!!  

--Karen H.


How to Get Started

There are four sequential levels of training in the Human Design for Everyone Training System™.  Each level has a basic core class and additional classes and trainings to help you integrate your knowledge of Human Design.

If you simply want to learn more about Human Design or if you want to study to become a professional Human Design Specialist, all of the information you need is listed on the page for each specific Training Level.

Click on the buttons below to learn about each of the Training System Levels:



*NEW Special Offer: Purchase All Four Levels of Human 
Design Training Now and Receive a Price Discount! 
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