Christina South



Hi – I’m Christina South, and I am 3/5 Generator. I am a Level 4 Certified Human Design Specialist, and I am passionate about what I do. I am trained to do overview and full chart analysis. And I also do family readings. 
I call my sessions Inner Power Sessions because once you understand your unique design you will be able to harness your unique power. My goal is help you connect with your Inner Wise Self, and to help you discover your unique gifts, talents, as well areas where you might encounter struggle, and will help you maximize your natural strengths. We also work together to uncover conditioned behavioral patterns that may be keeping you from your ultimate success, and give you a decision making strategy that works for you as an individual.
All sessions are done by phone, and include an mp3 recording of our session. I also conduct sessions via Skype. 
I look forward to helping you fall madly in love with yourself!
Christina South
Certified Human Design Specialist
Office: (501) 492-6727