Bonita Surges

2/4 Generator

Level Two Certified






Have you wondered why things just never seem to work out even though you “go for it?”


Do you find yourself making decisions and then realizing it wasn’t really YOUR decision,

but the decision you’ve been taught to make?


Are you ready to live your OWN life?


Hi!  My name is Bonita Surges.  My human design is a Generator and I serve as a Level 1 Certified Human Design Specialist.   Listed on my website are the other certifications I hold for transformational processes.  I have worked in the corporate world as a certified Human Resources Professional and in the non-profit world as Executive Director of a Crisis Center and a Welfare-to-Work transition program.   I’m a mother with a blended family of six adult children and twenty-one grandchildren – fun times! 


Supporting YOUR journey to achieve clarity, results and transformation into your life of peace, joy and stability with space to BREATHE is what it’s all about!  You will receive your unique Human Design Chart and we will talk about your strategy via phone at a scheduled time M-F 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Eastern Time.   Contact me via my website or email to schedule a time.


I look forward to hearing from you and sharing your journey of self-empowerment through Human Design!



Bonita Surges

Certified Human Design Specialist

Transformational Life Coach