Bobbi Klein
1/3 Generator
Level 2 Specialist





Your Life by Design

It’s simple and it’s complex.

Discovering your YOUnique design blueprint will make your life more understandable, predictable and user friendly. With a little guidance, you can understand your personal human design type and decision making strategy, authority, conflicts, conditioning and even your life purpose. If you’ll let me be your guide, together we can decipher the beautiful puzzle that is you. Each piece of your blueprint will reveal things that are true for you, things that you knew were there but weren’t able to recognize, and things that you have been conditioned to believe are you but really aren’t. Let’s find the real you together.

My name is Bobbi and I’ll guide you to Your Life byYourDesign… to a deeper awareness of who you are designed to be, where your challenges are and how to navigate through the many changes and roads your life will present to you. As a 1/3 profile Generator, with a Life Theme of The Cross of Penetration, my journey has been long and varied, including graphic and interior designer, restaurant and retail management, advertising and non-profits. What does this have to do with Human Design? I can bring to our work together varied experience and understanding of the journey of life.

I’m currently a Certified Level Two Human Design Specialist, deeply involved in studying Levels Three and Four, and Healing by Human Design Level One. I also bring knowledge of Emotional Freedom Technique so we can work together on different areas of your life.

A basic one hour Introductory Life Strategy/Purpose phone session is $97. With this you will receive a .pdf Introduction to Human Design report to familiarize yourself with the parts of the chart prior to our session.  A more in depth package of two one hour sessions with an optional half hour follow-up is $297. We will go deeper into your Life Purpose, the Centers and Gates in your chart.  As you discover your YOUnique human design, you may be lead to additional sessions. Face to Face sessions available in the Dallas area.

Or have a Human Design Party and you and your friends can learn more about each other.



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