Annita Keane
5/1 Projector 
Level 3 Specialist




HD coaching is for you if you struggle with decisions, wrestle with the desire to move forward and at the same time fear making a change Or…

Are you going through the motions of a busy, stressed life? You know something has to give… You just hope it won’t be you?

Over time we learned to override our inner GPS allowing worry & doubt to takeover. I don’t have to tell you how this impacts your relationships, your quality of life, your success.                      

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Hi My name is Annita Keane. I am a 5:1 Projector based near Cleveland Ohio.

As a success coach, I guide busy professionals on how to play their ‘A Game’ under pressure by learning how to work stress in their favor. In my experience the # 1 reason for stress is when you try to live your life not knowing your unique decision strategy, nor how to operate your precious energy correctly.


How to work with me..

1.  I invite you to a Human Design Reading with me.

Human Design Reading is the PERFECT FIRST STEP to ….

  • Identify your unique decision strategy
  • Explore your specific energy blueprint
  • Pin point where you may be more susceptible to stress and develop a solid emotional intelligence strategy to offset that. 


Sign up Now:  COST : $150


2.  Knowing your human design is one thing, living it is another. I invite you to consider coaching with me to develop your unique strategies (stress management/ emotional intelligence) to realize the success you deserve.


3. I am also available for speaking engagements, personal development seminars and group workshops, V.I.P. consultations.


All coaching sessions are by phone or skype Eastern time and are recorded so that you can fully participate in the reading.


Amazon best selling author of How Do I Know? Your Guide to Decision Making Mastery: This book naturally accompanies Human design to help you understand how learnt behavior can impact not only your decisions but also your results. My work has been distributed worldwide.


Contact Annita :     

Phone : 812 361 0546