Aimee Westcott 
1/4 Manifesting Generator
Level 3 Certified


Aimee Westcott is a 1/4, Manifesting Generator with a powerful, penetrating awareness and intuition. Her fourth line profile along with the gates of Friendship and The Listener create a safe, non judgmental space for introspection and self analysis. Aimee's gate 20, Metamorphosis, intuitively recognizes the skills and gifts of other people.
When Aimee discovered Human Design, she responded very strongly to the discipline. It helped her understand some profound misconceptions about herself that were holding her back. A true 1/4 profile, Aimee always integrates more when she shares her research with her friends and family. After running many, many charts, it was undeniable that Human Design was the real thing. The discipline speaks to both her logical side and her "woo-woo," side and she simply cannot stop herself from sharing the incredibly powerful information with anyone who will listen. Human Design cuts straight to the heart of powerful self awareness and compassion for oneself and others. 
Aimee, her husband Chris, and their dog Alfie (short for Alfred) are located in the beautiful NELA area of Los Angeles, California.