Agalia Baker
5/1 Generator
Level 2 Specialist




Can you imagine a journey toward healing?

Do you want to know why vitality always seems out of reach?

Do you want to know how to discover what is truly best for you?


A journey, your journey, toward physical, mental, or emotional health begins with the first step.

Your courageous first step is to allow me to introduce you to the beauty of who you really are.

Human Design brings you an in-depth assessment of your strengths as well as areas of your life that you feel easily tripped.

When you truly know and accept with love the person that is the real you, not just the person you dreamed of being, there lies the world where your healing begins.

My name is Agalia Baker. I came to love Human Design as I was seeking my own healing of a lifetime of injuries.

I am a 5/1 Generator and I am here to do the work I love.

I have had a full and rich work history of nearly 40 years as an RN and nurse practitioner.

My first love was the human heart and I spent 25 years in medical/surgical intensive care then end of life care.

I recently retired as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse in Women’s Health where I came to realize the pain young women endure leads to poor health and lifestyle choices and ultimately toward disease.

I despaired to somehow help those women to see the beauty of their souls.

Human Design was the answer for me and I propose that you, too, can be helped with an understanding of your self, decision making strategy, and how to appreciate yourself for who you are.

Being a 5/1 Profile means I am here to help you see yourself clearly.

I tend to go to the depths to help you to the fullest extent!  There is no need to make this journey alone.

I invite you to receive the gifts that Human Design brings and would be honored to guide and support you on your path toward better health. 




Agalia Baker

Healing Journeys by Design